Get ready for University of Milan Master Scholarships

The Polytechnic University of Milan is one of the largest universities in Europe. It is a public research university with a huge range of bachelor’s and master’s related programs. Students find a lot of opportunities for research, practice, and training while studying at the University of Milan. There is always a tough competition for fields related to Computer Science, Management, and Mathematics. However, do not be afraid of applying to these programs as the application process is really easy.

University of Milan Scholarship

Once you apply to any of the following courses and secure admission, then depending upon your profile (however do not forget it is always beneficial to be an early bird applicant) you can get the scholarship for Polytechnic University of Milan. This scholarship will cover tuition fees for the complete degree, you will get accommodation from the university including meals, and for other expenses, you will get an annual stipend equal to €4500. This scholarship is called DSU regional scholarship which is a need-based, regional scholarship with easy application requirements.

Application Process

Though document requirement varies from program to program and degree to degree but here is a list of all the common documents you need to prepare before sitting to fill in the application document.

  1. University Degree and Transcript
  2. Letter of Motivation and Letter of Recommendation
  3. Language Proficiency Certificate or IELTS
  4. Your resume or CV
  5. Passport

Documents for DSU once you will secure the admission from the university admission department:

  1. Family Registration Certificate
  2. Income Certificate of your sponsor [you can easily get this certificate if your sponsor is a filer (pays taxes) from FBR]
  3. Property certificate of your sponsor


Deadline: 31st May 2022

Application fees: €30

Application Link:

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