Austrian Development cooperation Scholarships 2024

The Austrian Development cooperation Scholarships 2024

Are you a passionate individual from a developing country eager to further your education and contribute to sustainable development? 

The Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity to pursue your academic aspirations in Austria. This initiative, funded by the Austrian government, aims to empower students like you to engage in cutting-edge research and academic endeavors while fostering global pro.

Advantages of Austrian development cooperation scholarships2024:

Diving into the heart of this scholarship program, it’s essential to understand its core components and benefits. Modeled to cope with various academic interests and backgrounds, these scholarships cover a wide range of fields, including but not limited to hospitality management and tourism management.

 As an international student, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in Austria’s renowned academic environment, supported by comprehensive benefits such as 

  • tuition fees, 
  • health insurance,
  •  food provisions, 
  • excursions, and 
  • A monthly pocket allowance of €205.

Eligibility Criteria: Austrian Development cooperation Scholarships

Eligibility criteria ensure that deserving candidates from developing countries or ADC priority countries under 35, with at least one year of experience in the hospitality or tourism industry, can apply. Proficiency in English demonstrated through recognized English proficiency tests, is also a requirement.


The deadline for applying for the Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships 2024 is 31st March 2024.

 Now, let’s delve into some FAQs to address any queries you may have:

  1. What makes the Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships unique?
    • These scholarships provide financial support and foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, contributing to global sustainable development efforts.
  1. Are scholarships covering particular fields or not?
    • Yes, hospitality and tourism management fields are included, aligning with Austria’s commitment to sustainable development.
  1. “How can I ensure my application is distinctive and noticeable?”?
    • Highlight your academic achievements, professional experience, and dedication to sustainable development in your application to demonstrate your suitability for the program.
  1. What opportunities for networking and career development are available through these scholarships?
    • By studying in Austria’s vibrant academic community, you’ll have the chance to network with professionals and researchers, opening doors to future career opportunities globally.


In conclusion, the Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarships 2024 offer a gateway to quality education, cultural immersion, and impactful contributions to sustainable development. Take the chance to embark on this enriching journey towards academic and personal growth.

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