9 Reasons why Asian Students Dream to Study in European Universities

Asian students are known to be very smart and hardworking throughout the world. They are competitive and creative since most Asian countries are developing countries. Moreover, religious issues, politics, infrastructure, and other low-level issues such as poverty and population make students inclined to pursue their higher studies and then careers abroad.
Secondly, the western education system gives them the stable frame to simulate their creative power and pursue the challenging career they strive for. In this article, we will discuss 11 reasons why Asian students dream of studying in European Countries. This will give you the motivation and factual reasons why you can also aim to study abroad as an Asian Country Student;

Here goes the list highlighting the main reasons why Asian students aim to study in European Universities

01. Quality of Education

Students studying in European Universities have no limits and restrictions for studying from different books and sites. However, in most Asain Countries, students are entitled to learn only from the course books, and they are discouraged from learning from outside resources. In European universities, students have no restrictions to learning from any book and resource, from the outline to the syllabus, handbooks to coursebooks; everything gets upgraded frequently. This makes the quality of education high and up to the mark.

02. Practical Learning

The schooling system of the whole of Europe depends on the practical strategy. It is one of the fundamental pieces of the educational program. European schooling accepts that the wellspring of the information isn’t just the books yet additionally practicals that have an effect.

The nations France, Germany, and Poland have set one more level benchmark in practical and functional schooling. Their courses like administration, designing, planning and management, and art follow the practical exercises entirely. To execute this practice, universities have strong bounding with industries and businesses so they can provide their students with real-world industry-level training during their studies.

03. Affordable Education

Most the high standard European Countries provide free education to students. Take the example of Germany; they have no or significantly lower education fees even for highly renowned universities where students from all over the world dream to study. 

Also, take the example of Italy; universities in Turkey do not just provide free education, but they also offer you need-based and merit bases stipends to afford other expenses you would encounter during the study there. 

There are other European countries, such as Poland, Finland, Belgium, France, etc., where you can find programs with highly affordable tuition fees.

04. Scholarships and Research Grants

Europe offers the highest number of scholarships and research grants to deserving international students. The scholarship criteria is straightforward to follow. Generally, every university has its scholarship to offer to the brightest students. However, they also have a long list of other government-affiliated scholarships for the students. 

Other than these scholarships, these universities have high grants for research students or students who want to carry out their research and need resources and help from their university. Whereas, in Asian countries, this is highly unlikely that students would be supported in their studies except in some exceptional cases.

05. Right to work

Students are legally allowed to work part-time either in their fields or somewhere else like restaurants, bars, cafes, bookshops or supermarkets, etc. 

As an international student in Europe, you can find highly-paid remote jobs to work from home if you are not interested in working outside. However, to work by going out is advisable since it gives you a lot of options and means to integrate with the native speakers and explore their culture too, and this helps you in the long her to get settled there.

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Students’ working right is an excellent mean to save money and bear your expenses while living abroad. This motivates students from Asia who do belong to middle or lower-class families and cannot afford all costs from their pocket money.

06. Multicultural Environment

Moving abroad comes with many challenges, including exploring an alternate social environment and meeting new individuals. In multicultural environments, you will meet people with different mindsets, personalities, and cultural values. You’ll meet individuals not the same as you, and building connections by talking about your separate societies, ways of life, and convictions will make you embrace a lot of traits in your personality that will help you in the long run. 

Studies show that a multicultural gathering of students makes a more nuanced and dynamic learning climate. Different minds come together and help each other complete additional research etc. In the same way, the Environment becomes competitive as everyone has to represent their own country and creativity by doing their best.

07. Stable Career Opportunities

European Countries have the highest rate of sponsoring students to work there. These countries have solid grounds to provide work opportunities to their students. After completing their degree, international students get enough time to find a job anywhere in Europe. And these are highly paid jobs restricting to those who have studied at European Universities.

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08. Willingness to seek out foreign Knowledge

Another important aspect of studying abroad is that international students who are patriotic and want to serve their countries are willing to seek out foreign Knowledge. They bring this knowledge home, test its secrets to discover and then innovate based on the discoveries.

09. Less distractive Environment

This is a fact that if we are in our comfort zone, then we stop challenging our potential, and we often get distracted by the circumstances around us; pressure from family to be equally good in studies and with society. For example, in most south Asian countries, there are a lot of tempting family rituals that happen each year. These parties, friends, relatives, and society play a lot to distract you.

Moreover, in Asian developing countries, there are ongoing political issues, religious riots, and social fights that affect your mental health regardless of whether you are interested in it. 

Therefore, when you leave your country for a break to focus on your studies, then you value the space you have earned by coming there. This way, you get to make the most of this opportunity and focus more on your aim and objective, which you have taken for granted back in your country. 

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