Endless job opportunities for Ukrainians

The war is raging in Ukraine and has already affected much of the country. Thousands of civilians flee in an attempt to get to safety. Most of them are women with children who have had to leave their homes and husbands, and no one can predict how long this terrible situation will last. More than six million people have fled to neighboring countries, and at least 6.5 million have reportedly displaced within the war-torn country itself. Not just this, they also face another obstacle that is about finding a job.

The World is Providing Work Opportunities to Ukrainians  

Companies and organizations worldwide are creating free online job boards and other recruiting and training resources to connect displaced Ukrainians seeking work with employers willing to hire them. And for the first time, all states of the European Union have agreed to grant Ukrainian refugees temporary protected status, meaning they can live, study and work in these countries without the bureaucracy and long treatment delays that refugees commonly face. This kind of rapid employment support is unprecedented compared to other refugee crises, said Stefan Lehmeier, deputy regional director for European programs at the International Rescue Committee. The refugees don’t have to go through so many obstacles. Many companies are expanding their services to provide remote work to Ukrainian refugees seeking employment in engineering, IT, product design, finance, accounting, sales, and marketing. 

Remote Job Opportunities for Ukrainians 

Those looking for jobs in technology, marketing, and other remote jobs can find opportunities at RemoteUkraine.org, a free job platform created by Iman Fadaei, founder of job search software provider TalentPools Igor Omelchenko, chief technology officer of the Company. The site was launched in late February and has since been used by 1,265 employers in 67 countries and 1,573 displaced Ukrainians, Fadaei said. And invite everyone to post job vacancies everywhere for free. 

Other efforts are underway to implement remote working options. Safety Wing, which provides insurance to remote workers, will this week publish a list of about 50 third-party employers from countries in Europe and the United States who can and will hire Ukrainian citizens for thousands of jobs. While Ukraine is known for its strong developer community, Claassen noted that there are distant roles that candidates can efficiently train for so as not to create a gap between those with technical skills and those without.

Marcelo Lebre, co-founder and COO of Portugal-based Remote, has reached an agreement with the Portuguese government that allows Ukrainian refugees to be processed for work within 20 minutes of arriving in the country. Remote work opportunities have been around for a long time, but the tumultuous events of the past two years, triggered by the global pandemic, have skyrocketed the scale of remote jobs now available within companies around the world. And for any refugee, that means there’s much more to offer than low-paid manual labor: people are more likely to continue the careers they had before moving to another country. With remote working, you can continue to do what you do best and look at life with more positivity and carefreeness.

Platforms to Find Jobs for Ukrainians 


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