Germany Student Visa Rejection Rate


If you’re a student who wants to pursue higher education in Germany, you will need a student visa to study in Germany. Student Visa is a mandatory and crucial document for international students. The purpose of the student visa is to grant you permission to live and study in a respectable country for a particular period. 

Moreover, the success rate of German student visas is relatively high. However, the Germany student visa rejection rate is comparatively lower than many popular countries like the USA and UK, but it doesn’t mean every Student can get their visa approval. German authorities filter out the best candidates who can contribute to their country’s success. 

The German student visa Rejection Rate in India is approximately 10%. 90 out of 100 Indian students get their German student visa application. However, the German Student Visa Rejection Rate in Pakistan is 5%. The main reasons for visa rejection for Indian students are poor financial resources and incomplete application forms.

Hence, a candidate must carefully follow all the steps written below to avoid German student visa rejection. 

Germany Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Here are the most common German Student Visa Rejection reasons

1- Incorrect Visa Application

Before applying for a German Student Visa, it is crucial to select the right type. There are three types of German visas for international students. 

  1. German Student Visa
  2. German Student Applicant Visa 
  3. German Language Course Visa 


The first step is selecting the type of visa. It is essential to choose the right type, as their requirements differ. Therefore, it is essential to collect the documents accordingly. 

2- Poor Financial Conditions

Living abroad demands proper financial support to cover your expenses while living in the country. Therefore, your financial resources must be enough to survive the whole span. Hence, one primary reason for visa rejection is poor financial conditions. 

The German government will make sure that you can bear your living expenses. 


  • A blocked bank account is the best way to show financial stability. The German government has made having at least 11,208 EUR in the blocked bank account compulsory. Moreover, Student can withdraw only 934 EUR every month for their living expenses from
  • The other way to show your financial stability is through a sponsor. The sponsor doesn’t need to be a family member, but it can be anyone willing to sponsor your stay in Germany. In Addition, the sponsor will have to show that they can sponsor you by proving they have sufficient funds and showing regular monthly income.

3- Lack of Language Skills (German or English) 

Another vital reason for visa rejection is a lack of language proficiency. In Germany, most courses are taught in German. The visa interview will also take place in German, so if you communicate fluently with the officer, your application will be accepted immediately. 

Moreover, candidates also have to prove their English proficiency. 


  • Enroll in German language courses in institutes like Goethe Institute or take German language classes from Germany. 
  • Practice more. 
  • Ensure not to provide fake English proficiency test certificates, as the German embassy can promptly identify them. 

4- Low Academic Performance 

The top universities in Germany regard high-quality education, so they carefully screen individuals. They select applicants with excellent academic records and high skills to study in Germany. Thus, ensure you have a high academic record, as the embassy quickly rejects applications with poor academic records. 


  • If your academic performance could be better, you can hardly do anything about that. However, you can avail yourself of a chance by proving your ability in an interview. 
  • It is crucial to inform the embassy about your poor academic records, so mention that you can improve them if you study in Germany. 
  • During the interview, mention all your work experience, a diploma or certificate, or you are good at extracurricular activities in your application. 

5- Irrelevant choice of study

Your unrelated choice of study might be the reason for your visa rejection. The embassy can only accept your visa application if the program you’re applying for matches your study record. For instance, if you’ve done your bachelor’s in geography majors and are now applying for a Master’s in Business administration program in Germany, the embassy will ask you about your capability to complete the degree you’re applying for. 

Moreover, your visa can be rejected if you’re applying for another bachelor’s or master’s degree. 


  • Select your study program very carefully. Your study program should be related to your past study record. 
  • Suppose you have decided to study a different program and want to pursue a different career. In that case, you can justify the change to the visa officer in your motivation letter. 
  • In Addition, for convincing the officer about different careers, your relevant work experience will be helpful. 

6- Poor Interview Preparation 

You must perform well in the interview to get your German student visa. The interviewer checks your ability to communicate and your behavior throughout the interview. Hence, to get your visa, ensure you’re fully prepared for the interview. 


  • The questions you can prepare to prove to the interviewer that you’re confident and capable are your study motive, your financial stability, information about Germany, and your passion for being a student in Germany.
  • Gather all the information about the country before the interview, give your best, and be confident.

7- Incomplete Set of Documents 

You must have all the documents in the checklist to get your visa approved. Remember that every document is essential and mandatory, so counter-check your documents before applying for a visa. Hence, submitting an incomplete set of documents will result in your visa rejection.


  • Make your document checklist and tick the documents you have collected. This way, you can keep track of the remaining documents. 
  • Moreover, keep your documents in a secure folder so you don’t lose any required documents when you submit them. 

8- Profile doesn’t meet the State’s Requirements

Every country requires a particular profile for international students. Likewise, Germany considers international students a particular need for the country’s development and future needs. Hence, multiple scholarships, financial aid programs, and various sponsorships are available in Germany for international students so that they can find brilliant candidates to work there.

Thus, visa acceptance or refusal is also in the hands of the immigration officer and the visa officer. Therefore, your visa may be accepted if your profile is eligible for your applied field.


  • Do your complete research about the skill requirements of the field you’re applying for. 
  • Ensure you’re not taking a course that is high in demand but is not attractive to you. If you are, you might fail or be expelled due to your lack of interest in the subject. 
  • In Addition, select the field in which you can prove to the embassy that you are interested and can excel. This will also contribute to the development of Germany and your country. 

What to do if the German Student Visa gets rejected? 

The German student Visa rejection rate is relatively low, but it might be rejected in some cases for the abovementioned reasons. However, the important thing is not to give up and apply for a second chance. You can reapply for your German Student Visa by following the below steps. 

  • The most crucial part of getting your visa approved is understanding why it was rejected. If you repeat the same mistake, your visa may be rejected again. 
  • Write an Appeal Letter: Once you know the reason for your visa rejection and it’s not justified, you can appeal within a month. The appeal letter must be firmly justifiable and objective and elaborate on why your application should be readdressed. 
  • Reapply for your student visa: If you believe you can perform better this time, reapply for your German student visa. Gather all the required documents and prepare well for the interview.


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