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UK Work visa and sponsorship is one of the pathways people worldwide strive for. Because of a strong economy, work-life balance, and a high employment rate for internationals. Moreover, the UK has come across out-of-the-box options for international students who want to pursue their careers in the UK. And this dynamic and welcoming culture has gotten a boost after Brexit.

More about Highly Potential Individual Visa

This time the UK has introduced the High Potential route visa, which is a short-term work visa for those individuals who are starting their career or have already recently started. Most importantly, they have the potential to show that they can benefit the UK workforce and hence the economy.
Therefore the main difference between other types of work visas and this High Potential Individual visa is you do not need to have a work offer letter beforehand to apply for the visa.

Application Procedure and Requirements

You can go through the following university list as this visa is only limited to international students from the following universities. The other requirement is to apply for an HPI route visa if you have completed your last degree in the previous five years.
If you secure the visa, you will get a two-year work visa. Moreover, if you have completed your Ph.D. degree in the last five years, this visa duration will be three years instead of two. Needless to say, if you get either two years or three years visa, you can always switch to a long-term employment visa whenever you get a job fulfilling the other requirements of a long-term UK work visa.
Also note that the cost of HPI route visa is £715. Read more about the next site below.

Details and application form can be found on the following official website for HPI route visa;
Reference Link:

Graduates from the following universities are eligible for this visa:…/high-potential-individual-visa…

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