Becoming a Microsoft MVP

What Is Microsoft MVP?

Microsoft MVP, also known as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, is an award given by Microsoft to those individuals and technology experts that participate in Microsoft-related activities and proceed to share their knowledge and findings with the community with passion and enthusiasm. Microsoft MVPs are very knowledgeable when it comes to advanced technology and new Microsoft products and devices. This is the reason that these people are the first ones to get their hands on the newly released technological devices and are eager to try them out and give their expert opinions. MVPs use their genius ideas and knowledge of these techs to unite various global platforms and also to help give solutions to many real-world problems.

Microsoft MVP Allocation & Geographical Distribution

These MVPs are scattered across 90 countries belonging to different regions of the world, and make up a community of approximately 40,000 technical experts, as well as community leaders of the world. It would not be wrong to deem MVPs as philanthropists, as they are not driven by money or fame, rather they are driven by their quest for knowledge and the spirit of community and passion. 

Microsoft introduces the MVP Awards more than two decades ago, to show appreciation and gratitude to their exceptional community leaders and encourage them. These leaders have a great impact on the community by making huge contributions, like participating in speaking engagements, posting on social media to spread knowledge and awareness, writing books on their area of expertise, and even extending their help to others in online communities.

Steps towards becoming a Microsoft MVP?

If you are interested in becoming an MVP, there are some requirements that must be fulfilled before you are taken into consideration. To be considered for the Microsoft MVP Award you must most importantly be an expert in a technical field, or;

  • A recognized speaker
  • A technical content creator
  • A recognized technical advocate on social media
  • A consistent GitHub contributor
  • A passionate community leader, with great influence. 

The most crucial factor criteria, that is evaluated for being awarded a Microsoft MVP, is the amount of impact you make on the community. Some of the activities counted as contributions towards the community are:

  1. Writing articles or blogs on your area of expertise, and gaining significant reach.
  2. Speak at a conference or event. The number of attendees listening to you in your sessions determines your chances of getting the MVP award.
  3. Share your knowledge through webinars and/or podcasts. 
  4. Publishing an eBook. If your eBook is free of cost, the number of downloads it gets is significant for the award.

This means that it does not matter if you are still a student or an experienced professional, if you are an expert in a technical field related to Microsoft or not, and have a significant amount of influence on social media or otherwise, you are eligible for applying.

If the first requirement is fulfilled, you are fit to be nominated for the MVP Award.

To get a place in the nominees’ list, a nomination referral has to be submitted at the beginning on your behalf by an FTE, also known as Microsoft Full Time Employee, or by a Microsoft MVP himself. After the referral is submitted, in order to complete the award nomination process, a link will be sent to you. Through the link, you will need to fill out the nomination form, after which your nomination will be reviewed by Microsoft. Due to a lot of submissions coming in for the nominations from all around the world, this process takes up to 90 days.

What Are Its Benefits?

The MVP Award is one of the most honorable awards that you may receive. This means it has a lot of benefits to it. Some of the key benefits to MVPs include;

  • An early, and often free, access to Microsoft products and tech.
  • A direct communication channel with Microsoft’s product teams.
  • Invitation to an exclusive event hosted every year, in Microsoft’s global Headquarters in Redmond.
  • MVPs also receive an Executive Recognition Letter, a technical subscription to Microsoft Visual Studio, and even an Office 365 subscription as additional benefits. 

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