SILESIAN UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP 2023: Silesian University was established in the Polish town of Gliwów. It provides many scholarships to international students who wish to improve their lives by pursuing higher studies with great International exposure. This is a fantastic chance for exceptional individuals to pursue their academic ambitions and reach their full potential. The scholarship is fully funded to study at the Ph.D. level. This award is accessible to candidates with leadership abilities, excellent academic credentials, and intense study interest. These are highly competitive scholarships.

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In addition, Silesian University Scholarship may be the best option if you are interested in engineering, science, or technology because it offers high-quality education in these fields. We strongly advise you to apply for a scholarship program at the Silesian University of Technology. This is one of the best options in Poland to further your studies. However, if you are open to other EU countries for higher studies and scholarships, then do check out the Einstien Fellowship Program 2024 or read about different types of scholarships in Italy


Candidates must meet the eligibility conditions listed below before applying for the Silesian University scholarship program.

  • This scholarship program is open to all international students.
  • This scholarship is available if your education is equivalent to a Polish second-level degree.
  • If you hold a second-level university degree (Master’s level), you can apply for the Silesian University scholarship program.

Required Documents

Firstly, you should go through the list of required documents to apply for this scholarship program for 2023

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Current passport
  3. Transcripts of academic work
  4. Previous Letter of Recommendation for a Research Paper
  5. Photographs in passport size
  6. Certificates of Language Proficiency

Fields Available

Secondly, find out which is the most relevant field to apply.

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering And Transport
  3. Architecture And Urban Planning
  4. Management And Quality Sciences
  5. Technical Informatics And Telecommunications
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Environmental Engineering, Mining & Power Engineering
  8. Biomedical Engineering
  9. Chemical Sciences
  10. Material Engineering
  11. Automation, Electronics, And Electrical Engineering

How To Apply to the Silesian University Scholarship Program

The Silesian University of Technology scholarship application process, is entirely online. Candidates must register on the University’s official website at the start. You should follow the steps outlined below,

  1. Visit Silesian University’s official website.
  2. Create an account on the official university website.
  3. Sign in to the application portal after that.
  4. Candidates will find exciting research topics on that portal.
  5. You should implement an online registration system.
  6. Upload all required documents in scanned/electronic copy form.
  7. You should double-check that all of the paperwork is completed.
  8. Now you must submit your application.
  9. After submitting your application, you should contact the selected supervisor and discuss your project details.


That is to say, the Silesian University Scholarship awardees in Poland will receive the following financial services:

  • Applicants will receive monthly stipends.
  • Applicants will receive a  full fee waiver in tuition fees.
  • Applicants will also get a grant for living.


In conclusion, the key is to apply to your potential universities with complete documentation and keep applying. You do not need to get frustrated if you do not hear back from Silesian University Administration or Admission Council. Keep applying to other programs, such as Malaysian International Scholarship or Chinese International Scholarship. The deadline for applying for the University of Silesian Scholarship 2023 is June 11, 2023.

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