DAAD Scholarships Graduation Grant 2022 offered by Worms University

Different universities in Germany provide DAAD scholarships sometimes as a standalone entity or sometimes in collaboration with other universities (either German or European). In the same way, Hochschule Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany, has opened applications for deserving candidates who fulfill the specific criteria that we have shared below.

Though there is a tough competition since the DAAD scholarship is one of the most renowned scholarships out there; however, you can still get it if you read through the application process carefully and then apply after complete preparation.

DAAD Scholarships (Graduation Grants) 2022

Worms University has multiple funding and scholarship options for international students. Refer to this link to find more about other grants offered by Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany; the official link for funding and scholarships.
They have the opportunity to award DAAD Graduation Grants to international students, and this application gets open each semester. Also good to know that this is a type of scholarship that the Federal Foreign Ministry funds

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Hochschule Worms DAAD Scholarships – Graduation Grants 2022, read through the following criteria as all international applicants should meet this:

  • Documents supporting your merit, such as to prove your academic performance
  • Documents to help the degree completion date or if you are still in your final semester, then you can provide documents supporting the expected graduation time
  • Though this is primarily a merit-based scholarship, they have asked for the documents to clarify your current financial support in case you are facing any financial hardships

Application Process

Once you have gathered all the above-mentioned required documents, you can go to the following official link and fill in the details. Make sure to add specific information in your motivation/cover letter about why you think you can be the deserving candidate for Worms University DAAF Scholarships Graduation Grant 2022.

Official application form link for Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany with DAAD grant

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