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In recent years, the Turkish economy has struggled to maintain its rapid expansion but is expected to grow by 5.7% in 2021. The main challenges relate to the low participation of women in the labor market, the lack of skills, and strict conditions of employment. Regulations that prevent key positions from being filled by skilled workers abroad. The unemployment rate for the country’s 84.34 million inhabitants remains high at 12.1% (August 2021). However, job growth has been reported in Turkey’s construction and agricultural sectors. The main exports are vehicles and vehicle parts, which brought in an estimated £15.4 billion in 2020. The capital, Ankara, and the country’s employment and international hub, Istanbul, are Turkey’s business hubs. Ankara’s capital and the country’s employment and international relations center, Istanbul, are the focal points of Turkish business. If you’re looking to teach English as a foreign language or enter the tourism industry, you’re in luck: English-speaking foreign workers are prevalent in these industries. While you don’t need to be fluent in Turkish, you should at least have a good command of the language to succeed in your job. While the cost of living in Turkey is generally much lower than in the UK, most graduate salaries cover the essential worth of living and not much else. Turkey’s position as a bridge between Europe and Asia makes it an attractive destination for British workers seeking a global business perspective. Graduates can find work in Turkey through major UK companies such as Marks & Spencer, HSBC, Vodafone, and BP.

How to get a job in Turkey

There’s much summer work available for those who’d sort of a taste of Turkish culture while earning some money, particularly within the tourism industry. Whether you are looking for general vacancies or have a Turkish city in mind, visit:

There is plenty of summer work available for those who want to taste Turkish culture and earn money simultaneously, especially in the tourism industry. Whether you’re looking for job opportunities or have a Turkish city in mind, go to: – Jobs in Istanbul – Summer Jobs in Turkey

You can also register with an employment agency, Adecco Turkey, and receive updates on short-term positions tailored to your preferences.

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Teaching jobs

As the country continues to build ties with English-speaking economies, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers are in demand in all parts of Turkey and for students of all ages. The order is exceptionally high in hotspots such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir

.Once you have completed a bachelor’s degree, a 170-hour TEFL course certificate, and practical classroom experience, you will be an ideal candidate for the TEFL position in Turkey. Then you can start your search for TEFL jobs in Turkey through the following sites: – Teach English in Turkey – Teach Away – Job Seeker.

Holiday Companies

Most international holiday companies need hotel and airport representatives for the summer team. You can work for them; they will provide accommodation, which is a great help, but it varies from company to company whether they include it. The downside of working for a holiday company in Turkey was the long working hours and tendency to move sales representatives, making it challenging to work in one place. Apart from that, it was a good job that helped me visit many Turkey places.

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Pair Jobs in Turkey

If you have childcare qualifications and a clean criminal record, google to find many local Turkish families looking for an au pair. Most live in major cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, and offer an average salary of USD 400 per month. They usually give you one day off a week, and you live in their house, so you don’t pay rent. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn Turkish as you immerse yourself, although many families speak English.

Internet Freelancing

It’s my job. This lifelong career choice has taken off around the world and will continue to be popular because it allows for flexibility; that’s why many nomadic travelers do it. If you have a laptop and internet access, look for jobs such as content writing, social media marketing or management, web design, and technology on websites like A similar concept is a virtual assistant. However, this remains a gray area, and as a foreigner, you have to start a business and then hire Turkish people.

Keep in mind that the rules are constantly changing, so stay tuned. With more and more people turning to this profession, chances are Turkey can simplify it. Hospitality work in Turkey

Another option is the large, all-inclusive resorts along the Turkish Aegean or Mediterranean coast. Since they employ hundreds of people, owners and managers quickly get work permits. I hear that the salaries are low, but the workers have food and shelter. Some people are in the animation team, others in the thalassotherapy centers. Check their websites or email administrators.

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You are more likely to find opportunities in Istanbul, where many international companies like Google, Vodafone, and Colgate-Palmolive have Turkish bases.

From short internships to annual internships, see: – Internships abroad in Turkey – Internships in Turkey – Internships in Turkey

There is also IAESTE, an organization that offers internships for students pursuing scientific and technical studies. To start an apprenticeship in Turkey, you need a work permit, which you can get at the Turkish consulate in your own country. Internships are usually unpaid, but some employers offer free accommodation in Turkish student houses and a monthly stipend, often around TRY 1485 (£120).

How To Explain Your Qualifications To Employers

Bringing your qualifications to Turkish employers should not be a problem as Turkish higher education providers adhere to the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey.

For more information on the formal assessment of your diplomas, please visit ENIC-NARIC – Turkey.

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