Affordable Turkish Universities with Scholarships

Turkish universities are divided into public universities and private universities. Therefore, prices (application fees, accommodation expenses etc.) and university fees vary. Universities in Turkey, unlike many countries, are separated into state universities and private universities. A classification like this offers a wide range of prices for international students. Anyone can gain admission into colleges with fully funded or tuition-free scholarship options due to low average grades, missed deadlines, and maybe some other reason. So, we will provide you with a list of universities with all affordable tuition fees that can still allow you to pursue your higher education without losing your current year of study.

Here is the option of private universities that offer programs in English and are popular with international students. Fees for these institutions are different from state universities and differ by university. In many cases, the programs are in English, but also 30% are in English and 100% in Turkish. Let’s Talk About Different Turkish Universities Scholarship Program

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Affordable Turkish Universities

Consider the following list of the most affordable universities in Turkey while going ahead in your research:

Bilkent University

Bogazici University

Atilim University

Near East University

Anadolu University

Bilkent University

Bilkent University was founded in 1984 in Turkey. The call for applications is open to apply for the Bilkent University Turkey Scholarship. The best news for international students is to study in Turkey without paying any fees. This scholarship is a fully-funded opportunity for all international students. Students who wish to further their higher education internationally are encouraged to apply for this scholarship program. Students can apply for Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. degree programs under this scholarship. There are more than 100+ courses available at this university. This university offers many courses in more than 40 languages. Though you can get a lot of information from the official university website; however, here I give you a short list of programs for an idea:

1- Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture

2- Faculty of Bussiness Administration

3- Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Science

4- Faculty of Engineering

5- Faculty of Music and Performance Art

6- Faculty of Applied Sciences

For other details and applying for the scholarships, you should visit Bilkent University’s official website.

Bogazici University

Bogazici University was founded more than 150 years ago. It is located in Istanbul. It offers Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. degree programs under the scholarship. The application process for a Bogazici University scholarship begins at the beginning of each academic year. Students will apply for the scholarships on the dates announced on the Financial Aid Office website in early July. Students should follow the financial Aid Office website regarding available scholarships and the application process. Students whose application documents differ from the English language must translate their documents into Turkish or English. Bogazici University offers programs in

1- Natural Science & Maths

2- Education and Traning

3- Social Sciences

4- Engineering and Technology

5- Humanities

6- Business and Management

7- Computer Science and IT

8- Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

For other details and applying for the scholarships, you should visit the official website of Bogazici University.

Atilim University

Atılım University is one of the oldest founding (private and non-profit) universities in turkey, founded in 1996 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It provides high-quality education according to European standards (Bologna Process) and is recognized by world university rankings, and offers globally accredited degrees and diplomas with a diploma supplement awarded by the EU. Atilim University offers programing:

1. School of arts and science

2. School of Law

3. School of Bussiness Administration

4. School of Engineering

5. School of Health And Sciences

6. School of Civil Aviation

For other details and applying for the scholarships, you should visit the university’s official website:

Near East University

Near East University tuition is offered at 25%, 50%, 75%, or even 100% scholarship discount for international students. Some courses may not include scholarships or tuition discounts, while others may have scholarships and special offers. It offers scholarships to extend postgraduate study opportunities for all eligible students at our university in a broad international setting. Scholarship admission starts from June to August. The results are expected to be announced in September. Scholarships from 20% to 100% are awarded to candidates for master’s (with thesis) and doctoral programs. NEU offers programs in

1. Faculty of Architecture

2. Faculty of Arts and Sciences

3. Faculty of Communication

4. Faculty of Dentistry

5. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

6. Faculty of Education

7. Faculty of Engineering

8. Faculty of Medicine

9. Faculty of Pharmacy

For other details and on applying for scholarships, you should visit the university’s official website here:

If you are also interest to apply in German university then you should go through:

Anadolu University

There are different types of international scholarship programs at Anadolu University. If you want to study in Turkey, this is an opportunity for students from all over the world. Qualified applicants will be offered full or partial tuition waiver scholarships. Tuition Waiver Scholarships are awarded at five levels ranging from20% to 100% in 20% increments. Anadolu University offers a program in

1. Faculty of Philosophy.

2. Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising.

3. Faculty of Healthcare Management.

4. Faculty of Social Work.

5. Faculty of Sociology.

6. Faculty of History.

7. Faculty of Turkish Language and Literature.

8. Faculty of Management Information Systems

For other details and on applying for scholarships, you should visit the university’s official website here:

Frequently asked questions about Turkish Universities

What are the required documents to apply to Turkish Universities?

Though the document requirement varies from university to university (depending upon your program as well); however, some most common documents that you should consider before applying to any Turkish university are:

  • Original copy or photocopy of the acceptance letter.
  • LOR (letter of recommendation from your previous or current university)
  • LOM (letter of motivation or cover letter stating your intent or motivation to pursue the applied program)
  • Original passport, and photocopy of the passport (Original passport shall be checked and returned to students)
  • Photographs
  • Original diplomas, transcripts, and their certified translations into Turkish or English.
  • IELTS or original copy of the internationally recognized English Proficiency Certificates for the candidates accepted to programs that require English language proficiency.
  • Original copy of the Turkish Proficiency Certificate for the candidates accepted to the programs that require Turkish language proficiency.
  • Copies of all bank receipts for deposit payments and the first installment of the tuition fee

What is the deadline to apply for Turkish Scholarships?

Application and scholarship deadlines vary from university to university. However, in Turkey, most universities offer yearly admissions since they start the semester only at the start of the year and do not pursue the concept of spring and fall semesters separately. Therefore, if you are targeting Turkish universities for your next degree, you should consider being prepared by the start since the semester starts in January or max by February.

Is Turkey a good place to study?

It depends on your field and your preferences. If you want a decent education on an affordable budget then Turkey is definitely the best place to study. It gives you an international culture, opportunities for an exchange semester to European countries, etc. as well.

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