Visit visa sponsorship to the Netherlands

Peaceful and long farmland, daily rainbows, massive windmills, and other scenic views of the Netherlands stop attracting me anymore when I start missing my family. Though I’m here by choice, of course, I miss my family and my people the most as every other expat does. Therefore, I have decided to call family and friends over here in the first half of the year, and in the second half you can visit your country since obviously we cannot invite everyone here on the sponsorship:xD

To begin with, here go the steps to invite someone on sponsorship to the Netherlands. You can read each step in detail after this section.

Following are the steps for visit visa sponsorship to the Netherlands

Booking an Appointment

Book an appointment in your native country for the applicants. The visa application category would be short-term visit visa (or the time of writing this article, this is ‘fully vaccinated travelers.’ However, this is just the category name, the base type is the same short-term visit visa). The fee to book the appointment is 26.x euros for one applicant. There are other paid services to select from in the appointment booking process, such as form filling, courier service, message, and email subscription for the procedure updates. Nonetheless, I would suggest not to pay for anything else as they are not worth adding. Only courier service can be valuable, but you can also avail this service at the appointment center.

Getting Singed Sponsorship forms from Gamentee

Fill out this form [] and the visit to any Gamentee after booking an appointment with the filled form along with your spouse as you both would have to sign the form in front of the officer there in the Gamentee. The cost per sign verification was different in different cities; once I did in Almere it was 7euro per sign and in Amstelveen, it was 13euro per sign.

Sending Singed Sponsorship form to your country

You would have to send the form to the applicant, as they would need it at the time of appointment. So, I did send them via courier DHL cost me 50euros and delivered in 4 days (PostNL was charging 25+ euros but I didn’t want to take the risk). You can also send Scans of this form to the applicant, but you can better confirm it from someone in Gamentee maybe or call VFS in case. As maybe in your country, there will be a different rule.

Submitting Documents at the Appointment Day

Then you would have to arrange all documents and go to the embassy or VFS depending upon your city at the appointment time. The checklist is here:…/checklist-visa-application… . It might not be a complete list, so if you are sponsoring everything then better to attach your bank statement, employment letter, salary slips, etc. After submitting the docs to VFS, it takes 10 working days to hear back. It can be less or more depending upon the situation. Give special consideration to properly highlight the reason for your visitor to go back. This is better to highlight the reasons in the cover letter with some supporting documents. For example, if the applicant is a student, so there should be a NOC from his university.

Please note that the costs I have highlighted were about the time when I did apply for my visitors. And it was around the post date. The cost etc may change at the time when you will be reading this. Also, feel free to ask as many questions as you have in the comments below. It is better to apply being fully prepared as it is an expensive and time-consuming process.

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