DAAD Scholarship Insight for 2022-23

Are you planning on pursuing higher education but are concerned about the costs? Well, there’s no need to be concerned because the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is currently accepting DAAD Scholarships online applications from foreign students for the batch of 2022-2023, allowing them to study in Germany for free.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest sponsoring institution for international student and researcher exchanges in the world. If you want to learn more about this golden chance, keep reading this article. You do have a chance for a better future.

DAAD scholarships are provided for study and research trips to universities and non-university research institutes in Germany, particularly to graduates, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers. Internships are also sponsored in some programs.

Foreign graduates with at least two years of professional experience from developing and newly industrialized countries can apply for scholarships to study for a postgraduate or master’s degree, or in exceptional cases, a doctoral degree, at a state or state-recognized German university and acquire a university qualification (Master’s/PhD) in Germany.

Perks And Benefits of DAAD Scholarships:

The DAAD Scholarship program offers a long number of advantages and benefits. It will pay for everything, including:

  1. Monthly stipend
  2. Accommodation for the candidate along with his family 
  3. Health, accident, and personal liability insurance
  4. Travel allowance

Graduates and postgraduates will also get monthly compensation of 861 euros, depending on their academic level. A total of 1200 euros will be awarded to doctoral candidates.

Eligibility Criteria of DAAD Scholarship Germany:

  1. International students from all countries are eligible to apply for the award.
  2. An applicant for a master’s degree must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree.
  3. A master’s degree is required for a doctoral degree.
  4. Professional experience of at least two years is required.
  5. A foreign applicant who has lived in Germany for more than 15 years is unable to apply.
  6. To apply for a DAAD Scholarship, an applicant must have either ILETS or TOEFL certification.
  7. English language proficiency is a must.

Documents Required for DAAD Scholarship Germany:

A candidate must apply along with the following documents.

  1. A professional CV
  2. Scholarship CV and a cover letter
  3. Letter of recommendation
  4. Personal motivating letter
  5. Employment or experience letter
  6. Certified language certifications
  7. A passport photograph
  8. A copy of your passport

Deadline to Apply for DAAD Scholarship Germany 2022-23:

The deadline to apply for DAAD Scholarships 2022-2023 is July 15, 2021. The application period for the winter semester, which begins in September/October, begins in early May and expires on July 15th at most higher education institutions.

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