Applying to German Universities via Uni-Assist

In recent years, Germany has gained significant recognition and popularity for its free-of-cost education and health facilities to its citizens and foreigners. Germany offers excellent educational and scholarship opportunities from top-notch German universities to students worldwide. If you are considering pursuing your Masters or Bachelor’s degree from Germany, there are a few factors that you would want to know regarding the application process.

Ways of applying to German Universities

The application process for applying to your dream university in Germany is quite simple. You can have various options to choose from to apply including the most common which is directly applying through the university website or through Uni-Assist. A good fraction of students looking to study in Germany applies directly through the university website. It is quite an easy process which includes looking up the official website for the university you want to enroll in and following the procedures they have provided for admissions. When applying directly through the university website, you will need to check the admission requirements carefully in order not to miss any details. Aside from fulfilling these requirements, you will also need to fulfill your student visa requirements. The documentation processes also require thorough scrutiny, which you wouldn’t have to worry about if you are using Uni-Assist.

Uni-Assist is a centralized admission portal for students worldwide looking to apply for German universities. Uni-Assist helps assist the application process by providing general information and the requirements of around 170 different universities. Uni-Assist also supports you throughout your application process by taking care of all essential documents and scrutinizing them for any shortcomings. Moreover, it forwards your applications and the provided documentation to the respective universities you have applied to

Why should I apply via Uni-Assist when direct applying in free

While direct applying is free of cost, Uni-Assist, which requires an application fee of EUR 75, offers many advantages. Uni-Assist features several universities by processing the applications of students applying to those German universities from abroad. The services provided by Uni-Assist include evaluating students’ documents, converting their grades according to the grading systems used in German universities, checking all the admission requirements, registering documents, and updating students about the evaluation results at the end. Most of these facilities are why students prefer applying through Uni-Assist rather than using directly.

Uni-Assist has made a name for itself as one of the leading portals for applications in German Universities by offering exceptional facilities and services and bagged itself a reputation. Therefore, it is plausible to apply through Uni-Assist to ensure efficient and professional handling.

Process to apply via Uni-Assist

The application process for German Universities through Uni-Assist follows six basic steps.

  1. Getting Information Beforehand– Uni-Assist allows you to get your information regarding German universities and their requirements in advance. This way you can have all options displayed out in front of you to make it easy.
  2. Planning Your Application– Planning your application is made trouble-free and simple with the help of Uni-Assist, as it helps the students by providing them with checklists, notes, and deadlines etc. to keep up with the process.
  3. Documentation– While assembling your documents Uni-Assist will inform you about all the required documents and their copies beforehand and even let you know if a translated copy is required for a certain university.
  4. Applying Via Uni-Assist– For the application step, you will need to register on the Uni-Assist online portal My Assist to apply for your desired German universities.
  5. Payment of Your Fees– After the application, what remains is just the payment of your due fees that is EUR 75 per application. After your fees are received by Uni-Assist, they will start processing your application.
  6. Send Your Documents and Track– You will need to send all your required documents by mail to Uni-Assist, after which you will be able to track your application and get step by step details through Uni-Assist.

You should also know

  • Application Fee– One of the main and evident differences between applying directly and applying through Uni-Assist is the application fee. Though most students prefer to pay €75 for the Uni-Assist application fee and have their application process taken care of in a responsible way than handling all the burden themselves. Also, note that there if €75 fee for first application and this gets to €35 from second onwards applciations.
  • Guidance– You might get confused about the application process and the required documents when applying directly due to insufficient information provided. Whereas Uni-Assist provides you with complete information about your universities o interest as well as a full list of required documents beforehand.

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