Cherry on the top for Data Science Students

Are you a student belonging to the Data Science field? The year 2022 brings fabulous news for you and your career in the Data Science field. The new American government led by President Joe Biden has introduced a great opportunity for the students of Data Science degree, studying in the United States on J-1 student visas. The United States administration is introducing new student visas that allow the students to remain in the US for 3 years after completing their degree, to look for job opportunities, and more. Previously the students only had the opportunity to stay in the United States for one year after the completion of their degree, but now the Biden administration will allow the students to stay for up to three years after the degree completion, as an attempt to counter China and bring in more international students.

This new decision of offering student visas, allowing students to stay for as long as 3 years in the US after the completion of their degree in Data Science as well as Financial Analytics, is expected to encourage and increase the number of students traveling to the US to study these degree programs. In the last five years, the United States has recorded a reducing number of international students coming to the US, as students prefer countries like Canada or the UK. The reasons for this shift were; cheaper education, PR arrangements and benefits, and a clearer path to becoming a permanent resident. This inspired the US Government to introduce the new student visa scheme to increase the number of international students traveling to the US. It is called the new form of the optional practical training which offers the opportunity of permanent residency as a benefit. The most common and popular student visa is the H- 1B, but it is just as difficult to obtain containing multiple steps, unlike the J-1 student visa which provides more opportunities for the Data Science students for their research and jobs in the future.

After analyzing the salary figures for students holding the H-1B visas, students that have recently graduated from the Data Science and Analytics programs, and those who work for US banks are eligible enough to earn between USD 85,000 and USD 190,000, depending on their roles. 

The new Biden government has gone as far as issuing new guidelines in order to assist STEM professionals in applying for the O-1 visas, for those people with excellent and special skills and abilities. 

The US government is currently deciding upon an official guideline for STEM professionals to apply for green cards. STEM education introduces a hands-on learning approach that helps the students in gaining skill sets to solve modern problems. Every day there are new opportunities opening up for STEM jobs.

If you are a student currently studying in this field or looking to pursue this field, do not miss out on this great opportunity that can help you build a bright future in the field of Data Science.

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