Famous Finland Job Events on European Job Days

European Job Days are an integrated group of recruitment events that take place in Europe. These events take place throughout Europe and are meant to facilitate the corporate world by bringing together employers from European countries and job seekers from around the world.   For the next series of articles, we will be providing you with all the necessary information on these job events and how you can be a part of this great opportunity! 

Finland Works is a recruitment event, a part of the European Job Days, and is organized by EURES Network in Finland. It is an online event based on West Coast, Finland. Moreover, Finland Works creates a pool of employment opportunities for those seeking jobs, fresh graduates as well as determined job seekers for the Finnish organizations and firms to employ from.

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Event date and agenda

The event is set to occur on March 3rd, 2022, which requires an early registration with free-of-cost participation, for both job seekers and the exhibitors. You will be able to find job opportunities in various lines of work and jobs of different types for example;

  • Seasonal Jobs
  • Summer Jobs
  • Industrial Jobs (Metal, Construction, ICT, etc.)
  • Catering Jobs
  • Event Management Jobs
  • Hotels and Restaurants Jobs
  • Healthcare Jobs

Importantly, this event is being advertised throughout Europe with the help of targeted social media campaigns, and various platforms. Therefore, it provides a great opportunity for the exhibitor to put out their employment requirements and needs. Moreover, recruitment services will also be included in the event like automated screening, matching, chatting. Also, scheduling of interviews between 9 am to 6 pm (CET) will also be provided as a recruitment service.

As for those who are job-seeking, they will need to register for the event online. Job seekers will have to browse through the numerous registered employers and show their interest to the exhibitor, after which all interviews will be scheduled by the employers. 

Steps for registering as a Job Seeker

  1. Upload and improve your profile/CV. To get assistance for improving your CV, Click here!
  2. Apply for jobs immediately and don’t forget to constantly check for new postings!
  3. Prepare yourself for the job interviews.
  4. Use the event agenda, which will be published as the event nears.
  5. Get to know the exhibitors by visiting the official website.
  6. Chat with different exhibitors during the event!
  7. Come say “hi!” in the public chat!

In conclusion, Finland Works provides excellent employment opportunities to people all around the world, so if you are interested in working in Finland and want to avail yourself this chance. Therefore, you should hurry up and register for the event as the earlier you sign up the easier it will be!

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