First insight into Turkish Universities for international students

All students worldwide want to educate themselves adroitly, so they rush abroad for their higher studies. Moreover, Turkey will be the perfect destination for those students who want to get into the high schooling system. Each year, more students add Turkish universities to their wishlist to study abroad. If you have gotten admission to a Turkish university or are planning to start your research for a Turkish university, you can gather much information from this article. Multiple queries will be answered, such as differences between private vs. public universities, top public universities with their official links, and the cursory detail that you would help to make up your mind to take your next step about your next degree in Turkey. 

So, in general, the article will cover the following topics; 

Subject Matter

Benefits of Turkish Universities

Public vs. Private Universities Differences

Information About Public Turkish Universities.

Benefits of Turkish universities

Thinking about studying abroad, making new friends, settling out there, and then finding the right job for you in the same country can be intimidating and terrifying at first. However, University is a stepping stone to an individual’s life that leads the student to their professional lives. Therefore you have to invest proper time in choosing your next University of education. 

When it comes to studying abroad, many students choose Turkey. International students now prefer to go to school in Turkey because it is an inexpensive alternative to the U.K. and many other European countries. Turkey is an easy to settle country, easy to get a visa to, and affordable option to pursue your next degree in an emerging field.  

Turkey also has a growing academic mark with new and old universities offering international students a high level of education. Cities of Turkey own many units of various universities, so there is no Turkish city without a university that does not serve international students in different fields. Turkish Universities offer a high-quality education competing with universities all around the world. Universities offer excellent and exceptional facilities to your new joiners and to excel in their desired fields. 

Private Vs. Public Universities in Turkey

If not all, most countries in the world have the concept of private vs. public universities. So is the case in Turkey. Moreover, going through the pros and cons of this distinction before starting applying to the University is one of the significant parameters to think through. Therefore, we will make this thing clear in the following section. 

The fact is both the Public and the Private Universities in Turkey provide particular advantages and comfort to international students. 

As mentioned above, there are significant differences among both types of universities. However, public universities do not have to be more important than private universities, and not necessarily the opposite.

For many students, paying fees is a major concern; and therefore, the Public University is a much better option for them. 

There are more than 200 high reputed universities in Turkey, where more than 50% are public. 

Both Private and Public Universities have different ways of receiving their funds. The government of the country funds public Universities.

They finance the students by providing them scholarships and lowering their tuition fees. In contrast, private Universities get their funds by the tuition fee plus living cost of hostels where the new students live.

Private universities in Turkey are not minor in terms of academic level or resources. It can even be said that the majority of these universities rank excellent and have an excellent international reputation. However, public universities have more responsibilities to maintain their ranking and education level since the government spends millions of funds on these universities. Therefore, universities’ authorities have to make public these universities’ reputations balanced and high. Nonetheless, this highlights that admission to these public universities is not easy. Only students with high ranks and a sound profile of extra curriculum activities can be admitted to such universities. Studying in public universities in Turkey is not wholly free, but it can be said that its cost is significantly less. 

Admission criteria have different requirements for the Private and Public sectors. Government universities need an entrance examination test that is the main requirement to shortlist the candidates. Moreover, for most of the engineering fields, public universities require good scores in IELTS and GRE. On the other hand, private universities do not require either the aptitude test or good grades in IELTS, SAT, and GREs.

Private universities are set by modern scientific laboratories, which precede some public universities. Furthermore, most of the subjects in almost every domain are offered in the English language that is one of the brightest sides of these private universities. In addition to courses being taught in English, to promote a multicultural environment and internationalism, English is used as the primary language for communication. This is something you do not often see in public universities. 

Conclusion: Both the private and the public universities have some pros and cons listed above with all necessary detail. Now you can further look into it as per your priorities and preferences.

List of Public Turkish Universities:

1.Uskudar University 

2.European University of Lefke 

3.Istanbul Aydin University 

4.Istanbul Sehir University 

5.Near East University 

6.Eastern Mediterranean University 

7.Okan University 

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