How to apply to German Universities via Erasmus

About Erasmus+ Scholarships

The Erasmus+ European Union short for ‘European Committee Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students’ also known as Erasmus+ EU Grant is a 7-year scholarship program lasting from 2014-2020. The Erasmus+ scholarships program provides aid to university students for numerous activities including Education, Training, Youth, and Sport. Despite not being charged the study fee, students studying in German universities still have to pay their semester fees as well as their living costs. Which is the reason it was decided by the European Commission and other supporting organizations to implement Erasmus+ Grant to provide financial support to the students for activities that increase knowledge and skillset. 

Though the Erasmus+ EU Grant was initially supposed to last 7 years i.e. by the end of 2020, on special request from the Erasmus universities it has been approved to be extended. This means the Erasmus+ scholarship program will apply to the students juggling work and studies abroad till the academic year 2021/22.

Applying to Erasmus+ and getting granted

To apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship program, you need to make sure the institute or university you are currently enrolled in is recognized by the Erasmus Charter of Higher Education. Once you get a green signal you can go ahead and apply through the Erasmus+ Mobility office of your higher education institution. Generally, the application period starts from October or Mid November and goes on till December or February depending on the academic year. Usually, all the information and details regarding the application process for the Erasmus+ study exchange are provided by the university itself or the national agency of special action calls. The general procedure includes:

  • The student submits the form of the special mobility action.
  • After the application is granted, the students receive an agreement for the mobility period.
  • Student will get a learning agreement, which will be accepted by the student itself and the sending and accommodating university or institute.
  • Student will receive the Erasmus+ Student Charter which identifies the student rights and responsibilities toward the hosting institute.

The application form you are going to fill will depend upon which part of the program you are applying to. The conditions and requirements regarding the application process will be determined by the departmental coordinator at your institute.

Click here for more information regarding the application process for the Erasmus+ EU scholarship program.

German Universities and Erasmus

The Erasmus+ scholarship program includes most countries, but not all, that can participate in it either fully or partially. These countries can participate in the Erasmus+ EU Grant activities and access the funds through organizations or institutes. 

There are 3 categories of these countries that can participate in the Erasmus+ scholarship program.

1. Program Countries: 

2. Partner Countries

3. Other Partner Countries

The Erasmus+ exchange program allows students already enrolled for a degree, to study at least one semester in a German university, which means this study scheme does not support those who are not enrolled for studies. 

The eligibility criteria for the Erasmus+ scholarship program is:

  • The student should be previously enrolled for a degree at a home university, which is recognized by the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.
  • Students’ studies at home university lead to a degree that is recognized in Germany.
  • The student should pursue the German university which is also recognized by Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.
  • The student should approve being a subject for the exchange program recognized by both universities (current and Erasmus+ University) for specific mobility action.

Program Duration:

The duration of this exchange program lasts anywhere from 3-12 months and covers degree programs like Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctoral degrees, or equivalent degrees. 

Costs Covered by Erasmus+ Grant:

The costs covered by the Erasmus+ grant include costs like traveling, accommodations, living costs, Enrollment and Assessment fees, and other university-related costs that might be necessary during the students’ stay while availing of the Erasmus+ scholarship program.

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