Microsoft USA Student Internships

Microsoft is a multinational organization that provides international university internship opportunities to students around the world. These Microsoft internships are available all year round to exceptional and hardworking university students which involve graduates and postgraduates. Microsoft is currently offering internship opportunities to students studying Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. This means that this is an excellent opportunity for those who want to see their ideas make it to the top and be a part of making them come to life with the help of cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology.

Microsoft Internships allow the interns to work on legitimate and important projects that, with the help of the interns’ team equipped with a great skill set and knowledge, and of course the Microsoft team, are delivered to the market. These internships, which usually last for 6 months are offered in various areas and fields, most of which are;

  • Engineering– This includes Software Engineering, Program Management, Product Planning, Programmer Writing, Technical Writing, and Services Engineering.
  • Hardware Engineering– Hardware Engineers are given a chance to work for Microsoft Devices Group, and help build amazing devices with the help of cutting-edge technologies that ensure outstanding user experiences around the world.
  • UX Design– UX Designers at Microsoft will have to collaborate with content designers, visual and motion designers, data scientists, producers, and many other specialists and work with the team to solve difficult product and customer related problems, fix errors, and improve the customer’s experience with the product.
  • Supply Chain- Through the platform of this internship program, you can be an instrument in building flexible manufacturing and delivering processes for Microsoft.
  • Data and Applied Science– Interning in this field will have you formulate various approaches to solving problems by means of well-defined algorithms and data sources, and much more field-related tasks to enhance your skills. 
  • Finance– Finance Internship will allow you to become a part of generating and protecting Microsoft trust by supporting and educating the team to achieve sustainable growth. Moreover, you will also have access to all company-wide training resources to help you succeed in your job. 
  • Sales– Sales interns at Microsoft deal with multiple tasks relating to fields like services, consulting, Support Engineering, Technical Accounting, etc.

Microsoft USA Student Internships How to Apply?

The application process for applying to Microsoft Internship Programs is quite easy consisting of a few simple steps;

  • The first step is to visit the official website of Microsoft.
  • Go to the careers link and look for Microsoft Internships 2022.
  • Click on the internship link to apply for the internship.
  • Make sure to check the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • Fill the internship form with correct and accurate details.
  • Attach your resume along with the application form.

Eligibility Criteria

Only those candidates that fit the criteria provided below are eligible for applying to the Microsoft International University Internship program:

  • Applicants that are pursuing their last semester in colleges/ universities, in a relevant field.
  • Applicants that want to pursue their career in Information Technology related fields.
  • Applicants studying graduate, postgraduate, B.E., B.Tech. M.E., MTech., MBA, MCA, and Doctorate degrees are eligible to apply.
  • Freshers can also apply for the internship program.


These internship programs are offered in:

  • Redmond, United States
  • Washington, United States
  • Bay Area, United States
  • California, United States
  • Cambridge, United States
  • Massachusetts, United States
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • British Columbia, Canada

Microsoft USA Students Internships Visa Process

If you are eligible for the Internship program and are being accepted into it, the recruiter will contact you and provide all the necessary detail and information about the visa process and other important information regarding the internship.


Microsoft Internships provides the following benefits to its interns;

  • Competitive Pay– Salaries of nearly a median $7,100 per month, are paid to interns at Microsoft. 
  • Bonuses– Microsoft provides around $5,000 signing bonuses for return interns. Apart from the signing bonuses, they also provide Paid-for tickets, gym memberships, and other similar bonuses. 
  • Relocation Benefits– Relocation benefits at Microsoft can cover Corporate or $7,000 or $2,333 per month of housing expenses, along with around $1,200 transportation passes, corporate shuttle transportation, and a $300 allowance.
  • Health Benefits– Microsoft, being a multinational company, is generous in providing reimbursements up to $1,200 per year for employee-only health-related expenses, that are to ensure your fitness, and physical, emotional, and financial health.

Some of the other benefits provided by Microsoft to its International University Interns are;

  • Stock Awards
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Time Off
  • Housing and Transportation Stipends
  • Free training
  • Subsidized car rentals
  • Shipping reimbursements etc.

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