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Amazon is one of the richest multinational tech companies in the world offering a multitude of job opportunities to people. You can be a fresh graduate, working in your field for years, or even a student yet to complete your studies. Amazon gives you the opportunity to work for them and enhance your working experience through interacting and coordinating with experts and specialists belonging to an array of fields. Students, most of all, get the best out of all the job opportunities that are provided by Amazon, as it promotes starting young and building an extraordinary career.

For whom are Amazon Jobs available?

When looking for a part-time student job at Amazon, you do not need to worry about your level of education, or whether you are done with a degree, as Amazon offers jobs at every level covering various areas from warehouse jobs, Grocery stores, pharmacies to other top positions in the offices. You can easily find side jobs for students at Amazon if you are;

  • A college student looking for a part-time solution to counter increasing tuition fees and living costs.
  • A freshie, who has just graduated high school and is unclear about what should be your next move. 
  • Working for a technical job or studying at a vocational school/ institute.
  • Looking to earn a little extra while working from home during ongoing classes and semester breaks.
  • Looking for a stable and well-paying job after finishing your degree.

How does Amazon support students?

Amazon offers various job openings keeping in mind the primary needs of students that will be recruited for these jobs. Some of the opportunities that students can avail are;

  • Flexible working hours- To provide a good working experience and equal opportunities, Amazon believes in flexible working hours and even remote working for student jobs at Amazon.
  • Payment flexibility- You have the advantage of flexible payment culture at Amazon. You can decide with the company your preferences when you want your salary payment to be done. This policy allows you to access your salary immediately after completing your shift or after the month-end collectively. Amazon also allows you to access around 70% of your savings prior to the next month’s account.
  • Tuition Reimbursements- Exceptional students have the advantage of studying free of cost as Amazon can fund up to 100% of your tuition fees if you are a valuable and deserving employee. Amazon invests in those students working part-time that have emerging potential and the ability to learn new skills and programs.

Why Choose Amazon? What are the Benefits?

Aside from the company incentives and regular salaries, there are amazing offers benefits to students looking for side jobs options at Amazon. These benefits can differ based on your job status, working condition, location, working hours, and how long you have been employed.

Health Benefits

Amazon has exceptional employee benefits programs when it comes to healthcare. Almost every need is taken care of and you are given benefits like parental leave regardless of your gender. Through Amazon Care, you can schedule a doctor’s appointment virtually. You can receive medical and dental care and get prescribed drugs from Neighborhood Health Centers in different regions and cities.

Financial support

Amazon provides savings plans for its employees that make it easier for them to save up while also studying for their degrees. Other than this, employees are paid a competitive wage every week and receive overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. Employees also receive full or half-days off on special occasions and holidays.


In addition to employees receiving free benefits for their health and well-being, Amazon also provides the facility of resources for employees with children that have disabilities. They also provide a 24/7 service at the Employee Assistance Program, apart from referrals for finding child care and assistance services.

Opportunities for Students

Taking into consideration the busy schedules of students that are also working part-time, Amazon has various policies to make it easier for the students to work. 

Anytime Shifts

The facility of anytime shifts at Amazon is especially implemented for students working part-time. students have the option to choose the shifts that will be convenient for them. Most students opt for evening or night shifts as they have to attend their colleges during the morning shifts. Other than this, they have other benefits as well like; Working 4 hours a week at most, deciding their own schedule and days off, canceling shifts in advance for any college-related emergency, and getting regular updates through mobile notifications on working shifts. 

Anytime Pay

Anytime pay policy has proved to be very successful when it comes to part-time jobs for students. Amazon provides an Amazon Wisely Paycard that has countless amazing benefits to it. This paycard can be obtained free of cost and can be used anywhere your visa is accepted. You also have the advantage of cashing out on a daily basis and transferring money through different bank accounts.

How to get started: Application and Recruitment Process

The application process for applying for side jobs at Amazon is an extremely efficient and multistep process that starts with you applying for a position through the official website. The first step after applying is the Virtual Job Preview that is provided to you through a link. This virtual preview provides you with all the necessary information you need to know about the culture and functionality at Amazon. 

The next step after Virtual Job Preview is Attending Office Hours. This is a short in-person appointment of 20 minutes at the company. You will need to bring along your proof of identity as well as proof of employment eligibility. 

An Orientation session is also provided for the freshies that have newly joined the company. This orientation session is held online to make it easier for the students to attend. This orientation will cover important topics like workplace safety, dress code, working environment, and organization culture. 

Applying for student jobs at AmazonGuidelines

You will have to go through 8 simple steps to complete the application process:

  1. Create Account- You will firstly have to create your account by visiting the official website of Amazon.
  2. Apply- Your account has been made! Surf through all the available job options for students, and click ‘Apply’ next to the ones you are interested in.
  3. Assessment- In this step, you will have to answer some basic questions, fill out some information. You will also be given some puzzles to solve to assess your qualification. 
  4. Select your Shift- Getting to this part means that Amazon is looking forward to having you. Here you can select your preferred shift timing and location.
  5. Offer- This part is just for confirmation. Just click ‘Offer’ and you will be done.
  6. Background Check- In this step you will need to fill in some necessary personal information to complete the background check.
  7. Scheduling Appointment- You can choose when you want to schedule your 30 minutes appointment. This step requires you to go through all necessary paperwork and other things to start the job.
  8. Submission- after reviewing all the details and provided information click ‘submit application’.

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