Jobs in Switzerland Without Ielts

Switzerland Calling: Jobs in Switzerland Without Ielts

Imagine yourself maintaining a Swiss bank account after landing a job in Switzerland! It feels charismatic just imagining it. Wouldn’t it be even more delectable if you gained employment in Switzerland without IELTS?
Switzerland is among the top wealthiest countries in Europe. The country’s living standards are exceptional in terms of education, medicinal health, and lifestyle. Switzerland is famous as one of the wealthiest European countries. One out of every six people possess assets worth over 1 million US dollars, which is a whopping amount.
This article brings you all the particulars and motivations to find job opportunities in Switzerland for foreigners. The following passages cover all the details required to search for Switzerland jobs with visa sponsorship.

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Best Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners

To land a job in a well-established international market like Switzerland, acquire maximum awareness and crucial detail about the regional supply and demand for employment. One essential piece of information is the annual wage/salary expected for an international applicant or student. Even the fundamental salary of a newcomer is sufficient; you can quickly get around 2,500 to 2,800 CHF per month after tax deductions. This figure can also be used as a reference when the Swiss employer asks you to quote your expected figure.
Switzerland is one of those European countries that has a consistently stable economy. Also, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates at 4.3%, recorded in March 2020. The skill shortage of jobs in 2023 has opened a gateway for international applicants to migrate to Switzerland’s various cities. These include Bern, Geneva, Zurich, Winterthur, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, and Interlaken.

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Jumping to the next segment of your research, is the list of jobs in Switzerland without IELTS. There are both categories: skilled and unskilled jobs in Switzerland for foreigners. Since skilled jobs are most likely to be filled after the recent analysis by Adecco Group in collaboration with the University of Zurich, here is a list of skill shortage jobs. (Source: The Adecco Group)

1.Specialists in health professions
After the coronavirus crisis, Switzerland is vastly recruiting health professionals worldwide. The Swiss job market has an increased depletion of health and medical specialists. This is why Switzerland’s Immigration Department has eased immigration policies for international job applicants. Qualified medical staff such as nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, and doctors usually earn almost CHF 10,800 to 20,000 monthly.
Consider applying to well-known, accepted Swiss healthcare institutions. There are great names like Am Rosenberg Clinic-Heiden, Andreas Clinic-Cham, Beau-Site Clinic-Bern, Belair Clinic-Schaffhausen, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Hobson Prior International Ltd, McKinsey & Company, Taketa Pharmaceutical, and of course World Health Organization.

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The prospective job openings in the healthcare department include nursing assistants, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, licensed practical nurses, occupational therapists, genetic counselors, radiologists, and biomedical engineers. Doctors and surgeons earn an extraordinary amount annually, especially neurosurgeons, gastroenterologists, oncologists, urologists, and facial/oral surgeons.

2.Developers and analysts of software and IT applications
IT and Software application is an evergreen market. In recent years, the world has become focused on Artificial Intelligence, and Switzerland is more inclined to recruit IT-qualified professionals now than ever. An international applicant with suitable qualifications and prior work experience in a similar profession can easily apply for IT sector jobs.
IT firms and software companies like Addexpert GmBH, Axon Active, Axisbits, CH Media Holding AG, Dataart, Information Management Technology, IT-Tech Personal AG, Job Solution AG, Miquido, Radity GmBh, Techsearch AG, and Wistar Informatik AG are a few names that are hiring employees.
Various openings in these Swiss firms pay a handsome salary, approximately CHF 7,800-8,000 monthly. On the other hand, skilled technicians can earn around CHF 7,500 per month. Foreigners can connect to Swiss employers for AI engineer and expert vacancies, application manager, digital data analyst, database engineer, IT assistant, IT account managers, ICT engineer cloud & network, junior embedded software engineer, software tester, and software developer.

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3.Education professionals
The education sector is another Swiss job sector continuously facing uncertainties, and demand for qualified professionals has been rising for a few years. If you belong to the education department, your monthly salary will start from CHF 7,250 and can go up to 12,000 on higher levels.
There are educational job opportunities in Switzerland for foreigners in institutes like College Alpin Beau Soliel SA, Geneva English School, International School Basel, International School of Ticino, St George International School, and Swiss universities like the University of Basel, University of Geneva, University of Neuchatel, University of Zurich, and ETH Zurich.
One can apply for positions relevant to their educational background and prior work experience. From school staff, lab attendants, and primary and secondary subject teachers to university lecturers, scholars, researchers, and scientists- every position is considered when an international application arrives.

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There are more occupational groups other than those mentioned that come under the Swiss Skill Shortage Index. Mentioned below are equally high-paying jobs. Eligible foreigners are being considered during the recruitment process for these occupations:
1.Engineering and comparable specialists
2.Construction forepersons, polishers, and production managers
3.Poly-, production-, machine mechanics, and machine fitters
4.Legal Professionals
5.Banking specialists
6.Aviation industry jobs
7.Tourism and management
Their job market is also accessible for unskilled workers seeking Switzerland jobs with visa sponsorship. It is to be noted that the average salary of an unskilled worker in Switzerland is CHF 790 per month. Here is a list of jobs in Switzerland without IELTS for unskilled candidates:
1.Data Scientists
2.Childcare staff/Nannies
3.Learning Support Representatives
4.Customer Service/ Support jobs
5.Community health workers
6.Factory workers
7.Warehouse service staff
8.Packers and labors
10.Security guards

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Switzerland’s working visa application standard procedure

The ideal scenario is to seek out Switzerland jobs with visa sponsorship. Once you apply for the job and obtain an appointment letter and a work visa sponsorship letter, you must visit the Swiss embassy in your country to apply for a Switzerland work visa. If you are lucky enough, you will be approved for a Swiss work visa, meaning you have been granted permission to arrive in Switzerland and start your new job. Later, you can convert your work visa into a Switzerland work permit.

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