Jobs In Switzerland For International Students

Jobs In Switzerland For International Students- Swiss Career Dreams

Moving to another country for higher studies is an aspiration for most students from the Sub-Continent. There are several popular study destinations around the globe, Switzerland being among the top ones. However, living costs are comparatively overpriced, and finding jobs in Switzerland for international students becomes mandatory. Therefore, one must consider some crucial points before deciding against living and working in Switzerland. Let’s find all the essential information to thrive as an international student in Switzerland.

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Working in Switzerland as a foreigner – Jobs In Switzerland For International Students

Like every European country, Switzerland has some work restrictions for students. But there is an exception for students who belong to EU/EFTA dominion. Having a residence permit from countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Spain, Iceland, Norway, the UK, and Switzerland allows students to work freely and find part-time jobs that suit them.

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On the other hand, students who do not belong to the regions mentioned above are obliged to follow a set of rules which are mentioned below:

  • Indian and Pakistani students working during studies in Switzerland experience advantages in landing part-time jobs if they are familiar with the local language. Various dialects are used across the country, namely German, French, and Italian. Learning any of these is a wise step in finding satisfactory jobs in Switzerland for international students.
  • Another time-related rule applies while working in Switzerland as a foreigner. An international student can only work up to 15 hours per week during an ongoing semester. But there is a perk; when students are on a semester break, they can work unlimited hours. As a Swedish policy, all working hours must be reported to the concerned immigration authorities.
  • Another tricky rule, which might prove beneficial for some, is that working in Switzerland is only eligible when an international student has completed the six months residence rule. The student must spend at least six months in Switzerland before seeking a part-time job.

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Despite all the rules, working in Switzerland while studying helps one gain unique skills and learn work ethics. Later, it helps make an impressive career in Switzerland for foreign graduates from Swiss universities.

International Jobs in Switzerland – Jobs In Switzerland For International Students

Working in Switzerland can be wholesome. It is just about something other than earning money. Working while studying also contributes to the professional development of a student who has migrated to make a career. An international student can start gaining work experience immediately in their first year. Consequently, it allows students to make valuable contacts and expand their social circle. Paying for one’s expenses, from university fees to living and traveling costs, everything needs to be managed appropriately. In turn, international students realize their responsibilities and eventually learn budgeting and saving at a young age.

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Searching for a part-time job may seem unmanageable. However, that’s only sometimes the case. There are several part-time jobs in Switzerland for international students. An Indian or a Pakistani student can search through newspapers, employment websites, recruitment agencies, and university student associations. Often university campus offers job to their students. Universities’ gyms, libraries, and cafeterias usually have some vacancies for part-time work. These jobs are more leisurely and only require a little hard work, especially for Pakistani students working during studies in Switzerland.

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A common question non-EU students frequently ask is how much an international student can earn in Switzerland. Switzerland has no formal rules for minimum wage. Nonetheless, the average minimum wage is approximately 23 CHF per hour. It is the lowest hiring salary that a student starts earning when employed by a Swiss employee. It can be enough for a new student to draw around 2200 to 2800 CHF per month.

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Balancing work and academic for Pakistani Students

Pakistani students working during studies in Switzerland might face some serious time management issues. But they do get into practice after learning multi-tasking. International students must balance both work and studies to thrive in European countries. It is plain sailing once they learn to assign their hours according to work and study requirements. There are several opportunities for international students to engage in part-time jobs in Switzerland. The person should look into proper places and connect with relevant people.

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So, what part-time jobs will pay well while studying in Switzerland? There are a few accessible spots preferred by international students, which include a campus tour guide, a teaching/library assistant, a call center agent, an English language tutor, and the most common freelance worker.

Other jobs not so popular among international students working in Switzerland include waiter at a restaurant, housekeeping staff, delivery rider, and security guard on shifts.

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Benefits of Working as Part-time International Employees in Switzerland

Having a part-time job could be fruitful in so many ways. Yet, living and working in Switzerland still seems burdensome to many international students, especially from the Sub-Continent. One must keep a few pros in mind while working in the country.

  • Bear the cost of being an international student. Covering expenses is crucial to survive in Switzerland since it’s expensive. However, part-time jobs pay more than enough to meet an international student’s needs.
  • Work experience is the key to landing the dream job! When a Pakistani or Indian student has prior working experience (whether paid or unpaid), they can quickly secure a professional job after completing the degree.
  • Polished skills are another feather in the cap. Adding value to one’s skill set is a bonus that will pave a pathway to the career every international student dreams of.

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Job Opportunities in Switzerland after MS for Pakistani Students

A recent survey estimated that the monthly wages of freshers range between CHF 2,200 – 4,200, and that of experienced and skilled workers can fluctuate between a monthly average of CHF 2,800 – 4,200.

Regarding working hours, the law in Switzerland states that employees related to a particular field or industry are allowed to work 40 hours per week, not more than 45 hours per week. Apart from this general rule, employees must be granted mandatory leaves by the companies. These leaves include sick leaves, maternal leaves, and compassionate leaves.

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Graduate and post-graduate students usually land jobs related to their specific major subject. So, it is wise to know which jobs are the highest-paying professions in Switzerland before choosing a degree.

Careers that enable Pakistani graduates to bring home a handsome income include:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Finance
  3. Banking
  4. Management consultancy
  5. Teaching


Jobs that are not paying so well in recent years include:

  1. Personal and HR services
  2. Hospitality
  3. Retail industry


A non-EU international student generally faces strict rules and regulations even after graduating from a Swiss university. To obtain a work permit after studies in Switzerland for Pakistani students, it is mandatory to stay in the country for another six months after completing the degree. During this duration, it is expected to seek out relevant jobs. As soon as the student lands one, a Switzerland visa for a work permit is granted to the successful applicant. Meanwhile, before getting hired by a Swiss employer, international students can keep working part-time jobs, that is, 15 hours a week.

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There are many big names in Switzerland that recruit fresh international graduates, such as Google, Nestle, UBS, Credit Suisse Novartis, and Roche, to name a few.

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