Finding jobs for refugees in the Netherlands

It is crucial to make sure you have a secure future ahead of you in this day and age where society is resting at the brink of war. The events of war are unfortunate and leave many people unemployed and most become refugees in other countries having their lives turned upside down. It becomes challenging and difficult for refugees to find jobs and work opportunities in a foreign country. For this reason, there are multiple organizations operating in the Netherlands, working for the sole purpose of providing job opportunities to refugees with academic degrees and even minimal education backgrounds. Though a basic requirement for all these organizations is for the refugee to have a residence permit in the Netherlands. 

Refugee Start Force

Refugee Start Force, based in the Netherlands, is a job-seeking platform and a recruitment network providing help to thousands of refugees find a job. This platform allows talented and deserving refugees to emerge and become a functioning part of society. Through this website, you can find job opportunities from various areas of work. If you are looking to get more information you can contact them through

Refugee Talent Hub

Refugee Talent Hub is a platform that helps initiate the first step of contact between employers and refugees looking for jobs. Refugee Talent Hub offers countless work opportunities for refugees, and other services like organizing meetings, interviews workshops, between employers and potential employees. All of its services and opportunities are aimed at providing and increasing job opportunities for refugees in the Netherlands and helping the refugees become a part of their community. You can contact the Refugee Talent Hub through, or if you are looking for detailed information, visit their official website


Fursa is a recruitment platform that operates to facilitate refugees to find a job, use their talents and skills, and get employed in the Netherlands. Fursa operates by matching talented refugees with different employers. After a vacant position is posted on the website, Fursa contacts the skilled refugees and consults them with the job opening. After the candidates are selected for applying to the position, they also prepare them for interviews that are to be conducted. Visit their official website for more detailed information, or contact them at


Werkclub is a recruitment site for Dutch people offering them career opportunities and training in Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam. This site offers long-term coaching, training, and support related to jobs for refugees looking to get employed or further develop their skills. For more information regarding Werkclub, visit their official website or contact them at

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New Dutch Connections

New Dutch Connections operates in different parts of the Netherlands, mainly offering workshops to refugees in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Burgum, Drachten, Arnhem, Tilburg, and Emmen. Moreover, New Dutch Connections pairs you up with different coaches and partners for training purposes, who guide you and assist you in growing and developing your professional skills. If you are a refugee looking for work training, and are interested in applying, you can sign up for their program through their official website, or contact them at

Forward Incubator

Forward Incubator is a Refugee Forward Foundation, based in the Netherlands that aims at empowering and supporting entrepreneurs that are immigrants or from refugee backgrounds. Refugees looking for jobs, who take an interest in starting their own ventures and learning all about entrepreneurship can sign up for a program on forwarding Incubator in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. A basic requirement for these programs is that the applicant should be able to speak the English language. For further information about the program, visit their official website.

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