Belgium Student Visa Success Rate From Pakistan

Belgium Student Visa Success Rate From Pakistan

Belgium, situated in Western Europe, is a popular choice for students worldwide, owing to its excellent reputation in higher education. While Belgian universities offer a variety of English-taught programs for international students, it’s essential to note that the main languages of instruction are Dutch or French.

Belgium Student Visa Success Rate for Pakistani Applicants: 43.1% Triumph”

Explore the rising success of Pakistani students securing Belgium student visas, boasting an impressive 43.1% approval rate. Uncover key insights and tips for a successful application, ensuring you confidently navigate the process. Your gateway to educational success starts here!

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Despite the language differences, higher education institutions in Belgium excel in various fields, ensuring students gain inclusive knowledge and skills. Opting for higher education in Belgium boosts career prospects and fosters personal growth and enrichment.

Firstly, we’ll check out the Belgium visa ratio from Pakistan, giving you an idea of your chances of getting a visa. Furthermore, we’ll break down the Belgium student visa processing time in Pakistan so you can figure out when to apply. Another thing we’ll cover is the bank balance you’ll need for a Belgium student visa, so you know what money you need for a successful application.

In brief, this article is a helpful guide for Pakistani students as they figure out how to succeed in their studies and careers in Belgium.

Eligibility Criteria to study in Belgium for Pakistani students.

  • Belgian universities base admissions on merit and communicate requirements upon receiving online applications.
  • For undergraduate or postgraduate study programs, a minimum of 72% grades in previous degrees is necessary.
  • Academic requirements may differ between programs and universities in Belgium.
  • Medical, veterinary, IT, and business management study programs generally demand a minimum of 80% overall grades.
  • Entry requirements, including SAT and ACTs, vary among Belgian universities.
  • Non-EU students intending to study in Belgium must showcase proficiency in the language of instruction (Dutch, French, or English, depending on the program).
  • Language proof is typically established through IELTS or TOEFL scores, although some universities may accept alternative evidence like PTE or an English proficiency certificate indicating prior courses were taught in English.

Student Visa Application Process for Pakistani Students in Belgium

If you qualify academically and gain admission to a Belgian university, they will email you an acceptance letter. This acceptance letter serves as an invitation to pay fees and apply for a student visa. For details about the student visa process, you will need to visit the Belgian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. It’s important to note that the requirements can vary for each country.

All international students must submit essential documents for the Belgium student visa. These documents include a completed visa application, a valid passport, a bank statement demonstrating sufficient funds, a medical certificate, a police clearance letter, academic records, a language proficiency certificate, proof of accommodation in Belgium, and a receipt for your paid tuition.

How To Apply for Belgium Study Visa 2024?

  • Apply to a Belgian university: Initiate the application process and secure admission, starting as early as possible.
  • Pay the tuition fees: Upon acceptance, promptly pay the required fees following the university’s invoice.
  • Obtain a certificate of enrollment: After fee payment, acquire a certificate of enrollment from the university, confirming your acceptance and fee settlement.
  • Apply for a student visa: Use the certificate of enrollment to apply for a student visa at the Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country. Prepare necessary documents such as your passport, certificate of enrollment, proof of financial support, and health insurance. An interview may also be part of the process.
  • Wait for the visa decision: Visa processing times vary but may take weeks or months. Once approved, find a visa sticker in your passport.
  • Travel to Belgium: With the visa sticker, travel to Belgium and commence your studies.

Belgium Study Visa Fee for Pakistanis 2024

As of 2024, the visa application fee for a Belgium study visa is determined by the embassy or consulate and the type of visa, with a student visa costing 200 euros.

Belgium Student Visa Processing time 

The embassy takes an average estimated 15 days to process a Belgium study visa, and this duration can vary based on factors such as the volume of visa applications, the time of year, and the complexity of individual cases.

Study Expenses in Belgium Universities

Belgian Universities charge different tuition fees for EU and non-EU nationals. The Belgian government operates several scholarship programs to facilitate and encourage international enrollments based on merit and academic excellence, which are assessed through entrance examinations. On average, for admission to a postgraduate study program, non-EU students can expect a yearly tuition fee ranging from 1000 to 4000 Euros. Each region in Belgium, including Walloon, Flemish, and Brussels, has distinct tuition fee structures, with costs of around 850 Euros per year, nearly 2500 Euros, and higher fees for the full-time postgraduate study program.

Belgium visa ratio from Pakistan

With its rich history and cultural ties, Pakistan has many citizens seeking to visit Belgium for various reasons. However, the Islamabad consulate reports a rejection rate of 56.9%, one of the highest globally.

This statistic serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges many Pakistani citizens face in their pursuit of a Belgian visa.

How much bank balance is required for a Belgium student visa.

To obtain a Belgium student visa, you must transfer a minimum of €950 for each month of your short stay or €12,350 for a full academic year to the university bank account. Renewing your residence permit requires reducing the amount to €800 per month and €9,600 for an academic year.

Website link

This is the link to the Belgian Embassy in Pakistan. For more information, click here: Student visa | FPS Foreign Affairs – Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (Belgium. be)


In conclusion, Belgium is known for its good education and many programs taught in English, making it appealing to students worldwide. If you decide to study there, you’ll gain diverse knowledge and skills, even if different languages are used. The guide for those considering studying in Belgium gives you all the info you need, emphasizing the country’s strong economy and the many people who speak multiple languages. Therefore, studying in Belgium isn’t just about getting a good education; it’s also a chance to grow personally, making it an excellent choice for your studies and future career.

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