ARES Scholarships in Belgium 2024

ARES Scholarships In Belgium 2024 – ARES Scholarship Requirements

ARES Scholarships in Belgium

Applications for the ARES Scholarships in Belgium 2024 are now being accepted. Belgium’s government offers fully funded scholarships for full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and training programs. International students from all nations are welcome to apply. The Belgian government provides funding for the Ares scholarships.

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There is no application fee required. Nearly all academic majors and fields are provided by Belgian universities. ARES scholarships in Belgium for developing countries offer more than 150 scholarships for master’s degrees and 70 scholarships for short training programs.

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The primary goal of ARES scholarships in Belgium for developing countries is to help the selected students grow and improve their talents. Students can quickly gain admission to universities in Belgium by presenting an English language proficiency certificate. We urge you to apply for the ARES Scholarships in Belgium 2024 before the application closes.

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ARES Scholarship Details:

The following table summarises the important ARES scholarship details:

Country Belgium
Institute ARES (Aerospace Research and Engineering Systems ) Institute
Degree Level Bachelor, Master Degree, and Training Course
Coverage Fully Funded.
Duration Undergraduate Degree Program: 4 years

Master’s Degree Program: 1-year

Internship / Training Program: 4-6 months

Deadline 27 January 2024

Benefits of ARES Scholarships in Belgium:

The ARES Scholarships in Belgium 2024 are fully funded scholarships that cover all costs for international students. The benefits are listed below.

ARES Scholarships Bachelors and Masters scholarship coverage: 

For a one-year ARES scholarship for a master’s or bachelor’s degree, the following financial benefits will be provided:

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Travel allowance An economy class round-trip ticket on an IATA-approved carrier is provided each academic year.
Living Allowance 1150 € each month for 12 months.
Indirect Mission Fees  150 € is the indirect mission fee. When the grantee arrives, they receive this sum only once during their stay.
Arrival allowance, tuition, and return fees 700 € is given once per stay upon the grantee’s arrival.
Registration Fees At the current rate for DGD grantees.
Insurance Fees Directly paid by ARES
Travel costs that are part of inter-university training Actual costs incurred are reimbursed, and receipts are provided.

Training Course Grant:

For the training course, the ARES scholarship in Belgium will provide the following coverage:


Travel Allowance One round-trip ticket in economy class on an airline recognized by IATA.
Living Allowance For stays of 8 to 17 days, the cost is €83 per day; for stays of 18 days or more, the cost is €1400 per month (fixed amount); for stays of 1 to 6 months, the cost is €1400 per month, prorated according to the number of days.
Indirect Mission Fees When the grantee arrives, they receive 150 € once during their stay.
Insurance Fees Directly paid by ARES.
Travel costs that are part of inter-university training Actual costs incurred are reimbursed, and receipts are provided.
Ares scholarship eligibility criteria:

The applicant must meet the following criteria to be selected for the ARES Scholarship in Belgium:


  • The applicant must be a resident of a developing country. You can find a list of developing countries here.
  • The applicant must hold a diploma comparable to a graduate-level degree (300 ECTS credits) from Belgian university studies for advanced masters and continuing education courses (equivalent to Bac+5); Hold a diploma comparable to an undergraduate-level degree (180 ECTS credits) for an advanced bachelor (equivalent to Bac+3).
  • The candidate must possess at least two years of relevant professional experience in a nation that is an ARES partner after completing graduate-level coursework for advanced bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate-level coursework for advanced master’s degrees, and continuing education courses.
  • Please fill out the application in the language used for instruction and confirm that you are proficient in writing and speaking it. Additionally, speaking some French helps with absorption into daily life in Belgium.
  • Apply for only one training course.

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To be eligible for the ARES scholarship in Belgium, the applicants must have yet to be accepted to a French-speaking university in Belgium.

ARES Scholarship Selection Criteria:

The selection panel is given the authority to assess how well each application complies with the ARES scholarship selection criteria listed below, separately or in combination. For each training session, different criteria might be used. These criteria will be mentioned on the training description page.

  • The academic quality of applications is evaluated based on diplomas, lists of courses completed, results, teaching or research activities, and publications. For degree programs, priority will be given to applicants who still need to complete a degree with equivalent skills, except under exceptional circumstances duly justified in the application file.
  • Those not previously awarded an ARES scholarship in Belgium will be given preference.
  • ARES provides preference to candidates with experience working in a field connected to development concerns after completing their undergraduate degree. An aspect of appreciation is the societal influence of the professional experience.
Ireland Government Scholarship
  • Priority over the other selection criteria is given to people who work for a facility with which ARES has a partnership, whether for institutional support, research for development, or a southern training initiative.
  • Candidates whose application materials exhibit a dedication to growth in addition to academic excellence will receive special consideration.
  • ARES wants to broaden the recipients’ geographic diversity. It ensures that every nation is represented in international training programs.
  • The selection procedure must take gender’s cascading influence into account. It is defined as follows: the proportion of women selected must be greater than or equal to the proportion of applications from women that are assessed as being of sufficient quality.
  • The applicant must provide a maximum of guarantees that they will return to their home country or another developing nation and that they will be reintegrated into a field that will allow them to utilize the training they received in Belgium in a development context and produce a multiplier effect (for example, a work contract or a formal promise of commitment).

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ARES Scholarship Requirements:

The following documents are required to validate the application:

  • Two letters of recommendation (academic or professional).
  • Certified copies of the original diplomas
  • Certified copies of the original transcripts for all years
  • Proof of occupation for the last five years
  • Certificate of nationality or copy of passport
  • Pre-project (for certain courses, check the admission conditions specific to the courses)

Application Procedure:

It costs nothing to submit an ARES scholarship application. ARES does not impose fees at any point in the application or selection process. If you have any issues with people or businesses demanding money on ARES’s behalf, you can submit your complaint at scholarships-cooperation@ares-ac.

The application procedure is only available via the GIRAF platform. Never email personal information, such as copies of your graduation or passport images. If you get a request like that by email, it’s usually a phishing scam.

Visit the official website to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for the ARES scholarship in Belgium in 2024.

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