Germany Student Visa Success Rate India

Germany Student Visa Success Rate India

Germany’s Student Visa success rate in India is impressive at approximately 90%. Achieve your study abroad goals with a high likelihood of approval. Explore educational opportunities in Germany confidently.

According to German statistics, the second largest group of international students in German universities is Indian students. Moreover, Indian students consider German universities among the world’s highest-ranking universities and are interested in getting their education there. Thus, if you are one of those Indians who consider Germany a fantastic job opportunity provider for higher studies, here’s what you need to know about your German student visa in India.

However, In this article we have tried to guide you by  covering all the information related to German Student Visa for Indians. 

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German Student Visa

You will be offered A German student visa if you have applied to any German university and received an acceptance letter (or letter of admission). Additionally, It is an essential step because you must provide proof of your acceptance by a German university as a visa application procedure. Furthermore, If you are waiting for your acceptance letter, you can apply for a student applicant visa and provide proof of your successful application submission.

Type of visa Indian Students need to study in Germany

Indians must apply for a national visa at the nearest German embassy/consulate. In Addition,  This visa will allow you to enter Germany and get your residence permit. Furthermore, It is valid for three months until you get your residence permit, but it can be extended for the rest of your study timeline.

Avoid entering Germany with a tourist visa and getting a residence permit. It is impossible.

How long is the German student visa Processing Time:

German visa processing time for Indian students is three months, starting when you submit your visa request. So, Indian students must apply for their German student visa when they receive their acceptance letter to arrive in Germany and complete their other procedures on time.

German Student Visa Success Rate India

The Germany Student Visa Success rate India is very high, so It is easy for Indians to get their German student visa as long as their documentation is complete and they have sufficient financial resources. Moreover, According to research done in 2023, the German student visa success rate from India is 90%, which is enormous. Furthermore, In other words, 90 out of 100 students in India get their German student visa successfully. Whereas, On the other hand, the rejection rate for Indian students for the German student visa is only 10%, and the significant reasons behind the rejection of applications are incomplete documentation and low financial resources. 

German Visa Requirements for Indian Students

While applying for a German student visa, one must take care of all the required documents mentioned in the application form and bring the proper documents to the German embassy; otherwise, one’s visa application can get rejected. Therefore, it is mandatory to fulfill the requirements for the correct documentation. Hence, Here is the list of documents that you will require as an applicant for a German student visa

  • You can find a complete and signed application form on the German Missions website in India. The form is easy to fill by yourself. It usually asks you for your personal information and details.
  • A Declaration form is required where Indian students provide additional contact and legal representation information. This form is also available on the German Missions in India website.
  • Your passport must be valid for a year from the day of your visa application and must have at least two empty pages.
  • Two (2) A4-sized scanned copies of your passport’s information page. 
  • Your three (3) biometric photos must be at most half a year.
  • Submit original and two copies of your acceptance letter to a German study course or preparatory college as proof.
  • Submit the original and two copies of the language proficiency certificate as proof that you are proficient in the language of instruction at the B2 level. You must not submit a language certificate if your admission letter confirms your language proficiency.
  • Submit two copies with the original one for other academic certificates and qualifications.
  • APS certificate, which APS India issues, is for the confirmation that your documents are valid.
  •  Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Proof of travel health insurance. Indian students can get travel insurance from any local or international company.

Proof of your financial resources

To support your stay in Germany which can be submitted in any of the following forms:

  • A blocked bank account 
  • Proof of scholarship being offered to you.
  • A Sponsorship letter is needed from your sponsor living in Germany.
  • Prepare the demand draft for the student visa fee.

Where can you apply for a German study visa in India? 

To apply for a German Study Visa in India, you have to submit the visa application at one of the following German diplomatic missions

  • German Embassy in Mumbai
  • VFS Global in India 
  • German Embassy in Kolkata
  • German Embassy in New Delhi 
  • German Consulate General in Bangalore
  • German Consulate General in Chennai 

How to Apply for a German Student Visa from India 

Follow the step-by-step procedure listed below to apply for the German student visa. 

  • First, search whether you should apply directly through the German Embassy/ Consulate in India or the VFS.
  • Second, based on your location, find the German Embassy/Consulate or the VFS in India, which is responsible for your student visa application. 
  • Third, complete the student visa application form and collect all the required documents.
  • Fourth, Book an appointment with the German Embassy/ Consulate.
  • Fifth, Submit the documents and the application.
  • Sixth, Complete the interview.
  • Seventh, Submit the German student visa processing fee for Indians.
  • Eighth, Wait for approval. 
  • Last, Collect your passport and visa

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German Student Visa Fee in India

The fee for German student visas in India is EUR 75 or INR 6,657 for adults and EUR 37.50 or 3,300 INR for minors. In Addition, You have to pay your fee through a demand draft; the demand draft has to be submitted to the German Embassy/ Consulate, where you submit your visa application. 

How much Money is required to study in Germany? 

To apply for a German student visa, you must have at least EUR 11,208 or INR 994,864 in bank balance. Furthermore, The Money will be transferred to a blocked account in Germany. The other way is if you get a scholarship, it must cover the same amount. Apply Now For Student Visa


  Q- What is the current success rate for Germany student visas in India?

    • The success rate for Germany student visas in India is approximately 90%.


  Q- What factors contribute to a high success rate for Germany student visas?

    • Factors such as thorough documentation, meeting eligibility criteria, and expert guidance contribute to a high success rate.


Q-  Is it possible for students to work part-time while studying in Germany on a student visa?

    • Students are typically allowed to work part-time while studying in Germany, subject to certain restrictions. It is crucial to comprehend and comply with these regulations. I can see that the sentence is already grammatically correct, so I made no changes to it.

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