DESY Summer Student Program 2024

DESY Summer Student Program 2024

Embark on a transformative journey through Germany’s DESY Summer Student Program 2024. This international internship, tailored for recent graduates and Master’s students in physical sciences and computing, offers a range of on-site and online projects. Explore synchrotron radiation, elementary particles, accelerators, and more within the program’s diverse options. The lectures, conducted in English, facilitate global participation through Zoom or webcast. Sponsored by DESY, a leading accelerator center, students can access world-class professionals and cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, immerse yourself in the vibrant city near Berlin, cultivating refined research skills and a global perspective.

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 The DESY Summer Student Program 2024 awaits—your gateway to a summer of scientific discovery and personal growth.

DESY Summer Student Program 2024 in Germany

Host Country: Germany

Host Organization: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)

Program Duration: The DESY traineeship 2024 in Germany starts in July and will continue for eight weeks.

Deadline: January 31, 2024

Financial Support

  • The program grants everyone a subsistence allowance of 1200 euros monthly. 
  • Individuals from Hamburg and its surroundings can avail themselves of a monthly subsistence allowance of 850 euros.
  •  All participants who have traveled by plane, train, or car will have their traveling expenses reimbursed.

Eligibility Criteria of the DESY Summer Students Program in Germany

  • Completed three years of full-time studies at a university in physics, computing, or relevant disciplines.
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree.
  •  Having a bachelor’s degree and currently pursuing a master’s degree.
  • The individual never participates in the DESY Summer Program in the past.
  • Have a good command of English.
  • The individual Possesses proficient computing skills.
  • The individual Holds EU-Confirmed Vaccination.
  • Committed to serving the entire period of the program at DESY.

How do you apply for the DESY Summer Student Program 2024 in Germany?

  • Apply directly through the official DESY website.
  • Identify and choose preferences for offered projects, whether online or on-site.
  • Apply for on-site projects if residing in Germany.
  • Apply for online projects if residing outside of Germany.
  • Fill in the required fields in the online application appropriately.
  • Submit the online application.
  • Provide the supporting documents requested during the application process.
  • Selected students will receive an email notifying them of their selection.
  • Contact will be made to assess suitability for the preferred projects.

Documents Required for the DESY Summer Internship 2024

  • Upload a 1 to 2-page CV in one PDF file, including personal data, relevant experience, educational background, computing skills, and other required skills.
  • Include university grade certificates in the uploaded PDF file.
  • Applicants from EU or non-EEA countries must upload a valid passport in English.
  • Include two reference letters in the uploaded PDF file.


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In conclusion, the DESY Summer Student Program beckons students interested in physics and computing with various projects. The program supports financially and reimburses travel costs. Applying is straightforward through the official website, and eligibility criteria guarantee committed and skilled participants. You must upload a CV, university certificates, and a passport (for non-EU/EEA applicants), accompanied by two reference letters. Joining the program ensures personal and professional growth, exposure to top professionals, and a taste of Berlin’s culture. It’s an exciting opportunity for students to engage in advanced research and learning actively.

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