Belgium Student Visa - Belgium Student visa success rate

Belgium Student Visa – Belgium Student visa success rate

Belgium Student Visa Guide

Belgium, a top study destination, offers multicultural experiences and academic excellence. This guide outlines the essential requirements, success rates, processing times, and interview insights for obtaining a Belgium Student Visa.

Students from a European Union Member State or a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) are not required to obtain a Belgium Student Visa. However, if you are from a non-EEA country, you must apply for a student visa to study in Belgium. You might need to apply for a visa to study in Belgium, depending on your country of origin and course duration. Learn whether you require a student visa, how to apply, and which papers you need.

Obtaining a Belgium Student Visa is a gateway to enriching academic pursuits in the heart of Europe. With renowned universities and a vibrant cultural landscape, this visa promises a fulfilling educational experience. From Brussels’ historic charm to the dynamic academic environment, Belgium welcomes aspiring scholars with open arms.

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Studying in Belgium for International Students

Belgium Student Visa Requirements

You will need the following documents to fulfill the Belgium Student Visa Requirements:

  • Student Visa Application form that must be completed and signed. Make sure to bring two original visa application forms.
  •  Please ensure your Passport is valid for at least one year before proceeding.
  • Acceptance letter from a Belgian university: 
  • Proof that you have enough money to sustain yourself, including money for education, healthcare, and living expenses. It is presently set for the academic year 2023–2024 at €750 per month.
  • Belgium Student Visa Bank statement is required to prove the solvency of the bank account statement for the last three months/salary sheet/ tax paper – legalized. The monthly income should be at least (the equivalent of) 1190 € for the guarantor + 654 € for the student + 150 € for each dependent family member.
  • A Medical certificate states that you have no contagious illnesses or conditions that might harm the public’s health, such as tuberculosis (TB) or conditions that call for quarantine.
  • A police certificate of good conduct states that you have never committed a crime if you are over 21.
  • A letter of support that clarifies your decision to pursue a particular course of study.
  • Please provide the original and a certified copy of your high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Proof of language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS).

If the Belgium student visa documents submitted are in a language other than English, French, German, or Dutch, then they must be translated and legalized as a separate document.

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Belgium student Visa Success Rate

Belgium’s student visa success rate depends on various factors, such as the applicant’s country of origin, the visa category applied for, the applicant’s circumstances, and the accuracy of the application form. It’s crucial to remember that visa success rates might fluctuate over time and can also be affected by world events, changes in legislation, and diplomatic ties. I suggest visiting the official Belgian government websites ( or contacting your country’s embassy or consulate for the most recent and accurate information on student visa success rates.

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Student visa acceptance rate:

Belgian citizens have a 100% acceptance rate in Belgium, and most institutions also welcome international students. However, Belgium’s student visa for international students has a lower acceptance rate in some universities.

Due to its flexible admission standards, Ghent University has the highest acceptance rate among all Belgian universities. If you have a high school graduation, you can apply and be accepted to this college regardless of nationality. Some claim that the Belgium student visa acceptance rate for international students can reach 100%; however, it’s hard to determine.

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Student visa processing time:

Typically 15 days, but can extend to 90 days during peak periods. Early application is recommended.

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Student visa interview questions:

Focused on study plans, university choice, financial situation, and post-study plans. Examples include reasons for studying in Belgium, course details, funding sources, and intentions post-graduation.

The Belgium student visa interview questions are divided into four main areas: your study plans, your university choice, your financial situation, and your plans after completing your studies. Here are some questions frequently asked within each category:

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  • Study Plans:

These inquiries aid the officer in comprehending your academic objectives and level of dedication to your chosen course.

  1. Why did you choose to study in Belgium?
  2. What is your chosen course? Why did you choose this course?
  3. How does this course fit into your career plans?
  4. Can you provide details about the curriculum of your course?
  5. What are the semester dates, and how long is your course?
  • Choice Of University:

The office wants to know the reason you chose a particular university in Belgium

  1. Why did you choose this university?
  2. Can you provide details about your university?
  3. Did you consider any other universities? If so, why did you prefer this one?
  4. How did you apply to this university, and when did you receive your admission letter?
  • Financial Situation:

These inquiries will aid in determining your ability to support yourself financially while you are a student.

  1. How do you intend to pay for your studies and stay in Belgium?
  2. Precisely who is funding your education?
  3. What is your sponsor’s occupation and yearly income?
  4. Do you offer any financial aid?
  • Post Study Plans:

The officer wants to know if you intend to return home after your education.

  1. What are your plans once your studies are over?
  2. What advantages will studying in Belgium have for your home country’s job prospects?

Belgium student visa fees:

The  student visa fee for a short-stay visa is €80, and for a long-stay visa is €180.

Belgium Student Visa From India:

Before applying for the Belgium Student Visa from India, you must approved by a university and have paid the registration expenses. If your visa application gets rejected, you will instantly receive a refund of your registration cost. You must also have the documents mentioned for a Belgium visa from India.

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pivotal consideration for international students aspiring to pursue their academic ambitions in this culturally vibrant and academically diverse European nation. While the visa application process can be demanding, meticulous preparation, adherence to visa requirements, and a well-structured application can significantly enhance the likelihood of success. Prospective students must stay updated on the latest visa regulations, seek guidance from relevant authorities, and ensure that their application genuinely reflects their commitment to their academic pursuits. With determination and the right approach, obtaining a Belgium Student Visa becomes achievable and serves as the gateway to a transformative educational experience in Belgium.

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Belgium Student Visa Guide: Key Takeaways


  1. Please ensure that you have filled out two copies of the visa application form and signed them both.
  2. Valid passport (minimum one year validity).
  3. Acceptance letter from a Belgian university.
  4. Proof of financial means (€750/month for the academic year 2023–2024).
  5. Bank statements or salary sheets for the last three months.
  6. Medical certificate and police clearance.
  7. Letter of support, high school diploma, and language proficiency proof (TOEFL/IELTS).


€80 for short-stay and €180 for long-stay visas.

Belgium Student Visa India:

Applicants must be accepted by a university, pay registration fees, and meet all visa requirements. Rejected applicants receive a refund of registration costs.

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International students can navigate the Belgium Student Visa process successfully through meticulous preparation, adherence to requirements, and staying informed about the latest regulations. A well-structured application reflects commitment to academic pursuits, “Get ready to embark on an exciting educational journey like never before in Belgium – we are paving the way for a truly transformative experience!”

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