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Top Scholarships in Hungary

Are you looking for fully funded scholarships in Hungary or want to study there? We provide you with the List of Fully Funded Scholarships in Hungary. Hungary, one of the oldest nations in Central Europe, offers a rich culture, breathtaking sights, and—most importantly—high-quality education. In recent years, students wishing to study abroad have ranked Hungary as one of the best destinations. The nation has about 40,000 international students, most of whom attend the best schools in Budapest, the nation’s capital. 

This article will examine the lucrative Hungary Government Scholarship 2024-2025 available to overseas students at all levels. Most scholarships in Hungary include additional funds and full tuition coverage, which students can use for living expenses and, in some instances, healthcare. 

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Candidates worldwide are welcome for the 5,000 Fully Funded Scholarships in Hungary 2024-2025 for international Students. Hungary is one of Europe’s safest, most developed, and most well-liked nations. No work experience, IELTS or TOEFL, or application fee are required. There are almost all academic specialties and course subject areas available. We urge you to apply for Hungary Government Scholarship 2023-2024

How to Apply for Hungary Government Scholarship:

To apply for the scholarships in Hungary 2024-2025 for international students, you must follow the steps below:

  • Find your Chosen Program:

The available study areas vary from partner country to partner country. You can either start an application in the DreamApply system and select your desired course or browse the study fields available for your country on the SH website. You can check the list of sending partners and eligible study fields here.

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  • Contact your Sending partner:

Applications must also be sent to the sending partner’s competent authorities. The requirements and timeframes for submitting the application materials may vary depending on the sending partner. Contact your sending partner to find out the specific steps they take (this could be the local Hungarian Embassy, the relevant government, council, etc.).

  • Register and upload your documents:

Applications are conducted through an online application system at More than 600 degree options are available at 29 universities and institutions, but you can only select two. Please remember that you must select a supervisor if you apply for PhD study. Other documents might be needed depending on your country of citizenship and education level. You can find the required documents here.

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  • Application deadline:

You must submit your application by the deadline. Before submitting your application, kindly double-check that all necessary papers are included, and all relevant fields are correctly filled out.

  • Sending partner’s nomination list:

By the end of February, sending partners will nominate the top candidates and send those applications to the selected Hungarian higher education institutions.

  •  Entrance exams at Hungarian Universities:

The universities will contact the suggested candidates directly to schedule a time and perform the entrance tests from the middle of March to the end of May. For your application to be considered for the final list of scholarship grantees, your exam scores must be at least 56 out of 100.

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Follow the link to learn more about how to apply for the Hungary Government Scholarship.

List of Scholarships in Hungary 2024-2025:

Here is the list of some Scholarships in Hungary 2024-2025 for International Students:

  • Stipendium Hungaricum:

Scholarship Amount: Full tuition and a monthly stipend

Eligible Degree: All degree levels

Deadline: January 16 2024

The best scholarship in Hungary 2024-2025 for international students is the Stipendium Hungaricum. It was founded to advance internationalization and improve academic and scientific partnerships with other nations. The scholarship covers more than 500 programs throughout more than 500 fields, including non-degree programs.


  • Fully Funded Benefits with Tuition Expenses, Monthly Stipend up to HUF 43,700 a month, round Air Fares, housing accommodations, and Health Insurance are covered by this Scholarship.

Official Scholarship link: Stipendium Hungaricum

  • University of Debrecen International Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: Discount of 30% – 90% of the first-year tuition fee

Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and Masters

Deadline: Jan 2024

The University of Debrecen Scholarship in Hungary grants master’s, bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees in various subjects, including education, social sciences, humanities, and the natural sciences.

You must complete the online application form for the University of Debrecen International Scholarship and save all necessary data for consideration. A motivation letter and two recommendation letters must also be uploaded. You must then submit copies of your identification documents, a medical certificate, a bank receipt for the application fee, and academic transcripts.


  • Tuition Fee
  • Monthly Stipend up to $1000
  • Accommodation
  • Free medical insurance

Official Scholarship Link: The University Of Debrecen International Scholarship 

  • CEEPUS Freemover Mobility Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: €425

Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and Masters

Deadline:31 January 2024

The Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS) provides students who want to spend a limited amount of time studying in CEEPUS member nations with the CEEPUS scholarship in Hungary 2024. If you are from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, or Slovenia, you can apply for the CEEPUS Freemover Mobility Scholarship.

To be eligible to apply for the CEEPUS scholarship in Hungary 2024, applicants must first be accepted to one of the Hungary-based host institutions. The application form must be submitted online to the main CEEPUS website along with one letter of admission and two letters of recommendation. 


Selected scholars receive a €425 stipend from CEEPUS to help pay for various academic costs.

Official Scholarship Link: CEEPUS Freemover Mobility Scholarship

  • Erasmus Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: Varies

Eligible Degree: All degree levels

Deadline: 31 Dec 2023

The European Union’s Erasmus+ program supports youth, sports, education, and training throughout Europe. All students in the 28 EU Member States, including Hungary, a member since 1997, can apply for this Erasmus scholarship in Hungary. Selected students will get the opportunity to train and study abroad at a partner university.


The Erasmus Scholarships cover your participation costs and contribute to travel , visa, and living allowance.

Official Scholarship Link: Erasmus Scholarship

  • Central European University Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee and Health Insurance coverage.

Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and Masters.

Deadline:1 Feb 2024

One of Hungary’s top universities is the CEU. You can apply for completely paid CEU Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Doctoral Degree Scholarships.

The Central European University provides candidates from any nation with the most esteemed, generous, and open scholarship programs. The Central European University Scholarship will cover all of your expenditures.


  • Cost of tuition Health insurance
  • An allowance each month to help with housing and living expenses
  • Scholarship for CEU MS Excellence – 1,000 EUR/month
  • 750 EUR per month for the CEU Master’s Distinction Scholarship
  • Doctoral Scholarships at CEU: 1,350 Euros Per Month

Official Scholarship Link: Central European University Scholarship

  • The University of Pecs Scholarships:

Scholarship Amount: Fully funded

Eligible Degree: Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD Program.

Deadline: Jan 2024.

The University of Pecs scholarships offer 31 Bachelor’s and 29 Master’s, 8 One-tier Master’s, and 15 Doctoral programs in Business and economics, Medical and Health Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Arts, and Engineering.


  • 100% tuition fee exemption for Bachelor, Masters, and PhD programs.
  • Monthly stipend for the duration of the Stipenium Hungaricum scholarship.
  • Accommodation or the amount will be provided to cover the living/accommodation expenses.
  • Health insurance for the duration of the scholarship.

Official Scholarship Link: University of Pecs Scholarship

  • Budapest University Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: Tuition Fee and Monthly Stipend

Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and Master’s Program

Budapest University Scholarship offers a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs. The Programme is supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and managed by the Tempus Public Foundation.

Official Scholarship link: Budapest University Scholarships

  • Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: Full tuition

Eligible Degree: All degree levels

Students living in a Hungarian Diaspora outside the European Union may apply for the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship, another program run by the Hungarian government. The program seeks to support students on their academic, professional, and personal journeys as they engage with Hungary’s world-class instruction and diverse culture. In addition to having the option to select from 1,300 non-degree and complete degree programs that suit their interests, selected scholarship recipients will also be able to study at one of 28 esteemed universities nationwide. 


  • Students awarded this scholarship are exempt from paying tuition and are eligible for health care services and medical insurance totaling HUF 100,000 (about $334).
  • Monthly stipends and housing contributions are also given; however, the approval is based on the student’s academic performance and financial position.

Official scholarship link: Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

  • Bilateral State Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: Full tuition

Eligible Degree: All degree levels

Bilateral State Scholarships are arrangements between two cooperating countries whereby their partner country receives a scholarship. Hungary extends this option to researchers or lecturers in higher education institutions as well as in institutions of science or the arts in addition to international students. 


The Bilateral State Scholarship Covers the accepted scholars’ tuition fees and living expenses.

Official Scholarship Link: Bilateral State Scholarship

  • Visegrad Scholarship Program

                 Scholarship Amount: Varies

                 Eligible Degree: All degree levels

The Visegrad Scholarship Programme helps more than 190 partner universities’ undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and researcher students and researchers in their academic endeavors.


This Hungary scholarship will cover undergraduate and graduate students for one to four semesters and post-doctoral scholars for up to two semesters. The total scholarship award for each semester of study is €4,000, or around $4,800.

Official Scholarship Link: Visegrad Scholarship Program

  • SZTE Start Scholarship:

Scholarship Amount: €500

Eligible Degree: Undergraduate, Masters

You must use a website called DreamApply to apply to be considered for the SZTE Start Scholarship in Hungary. A one-page CV and a one-page reference letter outlining your qualifications for the scholarship would also need to be uploaded.

Official Scholarship Link: SZTE Start Scholarship

  • METU Academic Scholarship at Budapest Metropolitan University:

      Scholarship Amount: 33% of the tuition fee

      Eligible Degree: Undergraduate and Masters

You must be one of the students with the highest adjusted credit index from the previous semester to qualify for the METU Academic Scholarship at the Budapest Metropolitan University. The results are computed automatically by the institution. Both graduate and undergraduate students may apply for this prize. 

Official Scholarship Link: METU Academic Scholarship at Budapest Metropolitan University:

  • EEA Grants Scholarship:

     Scholarship Amount: Monthly stipend of €400 per month, Travel expenses

     Eligible Degree: Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D.

The EEA Grants Scholarship is offered to students who want to stay a short period in Hungary, especially for their studies, to pay their living and educational costs. Students from Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland are eligible for this grant. This program aims to assist students in gaining new knowledge and experiences by allowing them to spend time in a different institution with a different culture.

Official Scholarship Link: EEA Grants Scholarship

Partial Funding Scholarship in Hungary for International Students:

The Partial Funding scholarship in Hungary for International Students lasts 3-10 months. Undergraduate (BSc/BA) and graduate (MSc/MA) students enrolling in foreign higher education institutions, particularly those majoring in Hungarian Language, are eligible for the scholarships. Students in Type A are permitted to apply once during their Bachelor’s studies and once during their master’s studies. The host institution will provide an HIF 40 460 stipend per month, and the scholarship recipient will be responsible for paying for housing in a university residence hall. Some of the partial funding scholarships in Hungary for International students are listed below:


To be eligible for the partial funding scholarships in Hungary for International students, the candidate should meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of two semesters must have been completed at the home university before applying for a Type A scholarship. The upper age limit is 30.
  • People who already have a residency or immigration permit in Hungary or are currently applying for one are ineligible. Additionally, international students who work or have a permanent address in Hungary are ineligible.
  • Anyone applying for a program not funded by the Hungarian State or for part-time study while employed is not eligible.
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