What Jobs Are In Demand In Switzerland

What Jobs Are In Demand In Switzerland – Switzerland’s Hottest Jobs

Switzerland is one of the most stable countries in the world. High living standards and the lowest unemployment rate offer ample career opportunities with attractive salaries for local and international graduates. If you are looking to start your career in Switzerland before starting your research, you must know what jobs are in demand in Switzerland. 

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In this article, we’ve covered

  • Career Opportunities In Switzerland
  • Most Demanding Careers In Switzerland
  • What are the most In-demand jobs in Switzerland
  • Highest Paying Jobs in Switzerland.

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Career Opportunities In Switzerland

Being the most stable country with ample job opportunities, Switzerland is a smaller market with constant competition. The job opportunities are given to natives first, and then foreigners are considered. However, immigrants can have better employment opportunities in the leading cities of Switzerland like Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Bern. Therefore, to be updated with the job market in the Switzerland as an expat you should know what are the most demanded jobs in Switzerland or if you are just starting your professional career then you should be wondering what jobs pay the most in Switzerland.

Jobs in Hospitality, banking, insurance, engineering, IT, and pharmaceuticals are in high demand. Basel has a lot of openings in pharma careers, while Zurich has plenty of opportunities in careers like banking and insurance.

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Most Demanding Careers In Switzerland: 

You must be thinking about what careers are in demand in Switzerland. We have got you covered.

Here is the list of Switzerland’s top ten .

Software Developer



Nursing Specialist


Sales Advisor

Poly Mechanic

Nursing Assistant

Retail Specialist

Project Manager

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What Are The Most In-Demand Jobs In Switzerland? 

The people mainly get employed in the technical and engineering sectors in Switzerland. The Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland shows that technology sector jobs are the most demanding. Software developers, electrical engineers, and system managers are the most demanding careers in Switzerland. Due to the country’s stable economy, jobs in banking and finance are also in high demand.

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Below is a brief description of most demanded jobs in Switzerland 

1- Technology Professionals

IT technicians, Software developers, and Computer engineers are the most demanding jobs in Switzerland. It has been seen that the IT industry will be rising in Switzerland in 2023. The government is making Switzerland an attractive place for these professionals to maintain the country’s strong economy.

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2- Managers And Marketers 

Project managers, accountants, and marketers are in demand in Switzerland. Their job is to plan finances for the company, draft the budgets, and look after the projects.

3- Skilled Tradespeople 

Companies in Switzerland are constantly hiring qualified, skilled tradespeople. A lot of construction projects are taking place in Switzerland, and due to this, Welders, electricians, carpenters, and plumbers are in high demand, and they can have ample work opportunities along with good salaries.

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4- Hospitality Managers And Service Workers

Switzerland is famous for its scenic mountains and beautiful landscapes; the country is a magical and attractive tourist destination, and to maintain its inviting tourism and to keep the hospitality industry running smoothly, the country is always in need of skillful candidates for hotels like hotel managers, waitpersons, hotel staff, and cleaners.

5- Nurses

Nurses are in high demand in Switzerland, the Swiss healthcare industry is grooming, and those with prior experience in their field can get good jobs with good pay and other advantages.

6- Engineers

Chemical, Mechanical, and Civil engineers are in high demand in Switzerland. Chemical engineers are responsible for the outgrowth of chemical manufacturing processes, and mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and adequately functioning machinery. In contrast, civil engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and managing construction in Switzerland.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Switzerland

Throughout Europe, Switzerland gives the highest salaries to its employees; being a relatively small country, Switzerland is in the top 3 countries with the highest average salaries. Now the question arises: what jobs are in demand in Switzerland for immigrants and what jobs pay the most in Switzerland? 

So We’ve listed down the top ten high-paying jobs in Switzerland for you.

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  • IT Professionals

It is one of the most demanding and high-paying professions. The role of an IT specialist is to handle and sustain computer systems and networking.

The average estimated salary of IT professionals in Switzerland is CHF 121000 ($13093)

  • Judge

It is a legal and high-paid profession. The role of a judge is to interpret the law and provide instructions to juries.

The average estimated salary of a Judge is CHF 167,000 ($ 180,622)

  • Physician

Doctors get highly paid in Switzerland; the physician’s role is to cure illness, provide active treatment in critical conditions, and perform basic medical procedures at the time of injuries.

The average estimated salary of the physician is CHF 75000 ($81,158)

  • Surgeon

The crucial role of the surgeon is to operate on the patient suffering from severe injuries or diseases. They maintain the surgical staff and treat the patient by following all the medical laws and standards.

The average estimated salary of a surgeon is CHF 203,437 ($ 220,280)

  • Bank Manager 

The Manager is in charge of the bank, hires and trains new employees, sets goals for marketing, and keeps track of the bank’s record.

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The average estimated salary of the bank manager is CHF 110,000 ($119,086)

  • Chief Executive Officer

CEO is the highest ranking in a company and is elected by the board of directors. The role of the CEO is strong communication with the board, managing and improving the company’s share prices.

The average estimated salary of the chief executive officer is CHF 203,436 ($220,240)

  • Orthodontist

One of the most demanded professions, the orthodontist, is a dentist with advanced tooth and jaw alignment training. The role of an orthodontist is to treat problems like crowded and protruding teeth, etc.

The average estimated salary of an orthodontist is CHF 262,360 ($283,532)

  • College Professor

A college professor can be a government or private employee; the role of the professor is to plan an advanced curriculum, engage students, and keep track of their progress.

The average estimated salary of a college Professor is CHF 151,804 ($164,187)

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  • Military Officer

Military officers take part in civil defense; their work is to plan and organize military operations. They also operate aircraft and ships.

The average estimated salary of a Military Officer is CHF 95,000 ($102,749)

  • Actuary

They are the managers who use statistical tools and mathematical theories to calculate risks.

The average estimated salary of an actuary is 119,315 ($129,111)


In conclusion, Switzerland offers many career opportunities, making it an attractive destination for local and international professionals. The country’s high living standards, low unemployment rates, and robust economy provide a fertile ground for individuals to pursue their Study Abroad Dream.

In this article, we’ve shed light on the career landscape in Switzerland, showcasing the most demanding and high-paying jobs. Whether you’re an IT specialist looking to thrive in Switzerland’s growing technology sector or a seasoned healthcare, engineering, or finance professional, Switzerland has a place for you.



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